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A Basic Coder learning the advanced tech of Coding in perfection...And Always Makes Basic Codes and other shit that you dont even need but is helpful........

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Redemption - Rising Tied
Play this casual game as you defeat monsters, Mine Gold, Build Your own little Hideout, and much more to know if you just play!!! Have an adventure you never played on a game like never before! Can you be the one to do everything possible?!
About Redemption - Rising Tied
Slayer player99's Libraries
Slaytochi's Reference Code Guide PT2(ADVANCED)
PT 2 of the Reference Code Guide
Slaytochi's Cheat Codes Code
Ever wanted cheats in your game?! Then put this code or study this code n put in ur games source. Better than Polaris8920's Cheat Codes System. Because this code is so easy to use you can even make or change the codes easily!
Slaytochi's Get Your Ass Over Here Summon
Has a code for Summoning and Teleporting too the other player just like Icon Ultima but Basic
Slaytochi's I Pick For You Dummy
A demo containing the Pick() Procedure to let the game pick the object for you. Ever Wanted a random item when doing something you added in your code? If So then Get it Here!!!
Slaytochi's Read the HTML
Ever wanted to get players attention?! Well use this to make HTML and make it show from the browser which will get the Player's attention. Also comes with it showing from an obj.
About Slaytochi's Read the HTML
Slaytochi's Uploadin N Downloadin
Ever Wanted to have a File Slots that people can download other peoples files that they set for people to download?