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May 23 2013, 7:25 pm
you do not need the host files to become a GM in the game, I just have to login and set your status to GM on your characters. I have said before, I donot have the files for NarutoRPG. This is why it needed to be remade.
Flynn Salvatore
Mar 3 2013, 6:24 pm
As I know this may or may not ruin your time of day or night. I'm not even sure if you would read this, but if you will, perhaps skim it. I would 'love' it if you actually gave me the coding for the previous version of this game. Meaning, all of the files before you this massive change and update. The game I am referring to would be Naruto RPG. I am currently hosting it, without admin's tab. Though it would be quite lovely if I had it. Is there a reason you can activate that for me instead? I have had quite a few people log on, nagging about it already. I suppose I am nagging about it right now. Hmm. . . What a twist. Anyhow, leave a shout, if you consider this. I absolutely believe the game is flawless just the way it is.
Jun 14 2012, 4:35 pm
Can i get Host Files all my friends love when I host but when they get atlease level 12 they quit becuz they either not interested or they can't rank up. My Email is [email protected] Thanks for reading and considering :)

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A Naruto Text Arena. Attacks differ depending on your Clan, Class, and Village. Some Combinations have no techniques. Others May have the best but not get them till a high level.
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