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Dec 12 2010, 1:11 pm
AverageOzo wrote:
Hi! Uhm, I;m not quite sure how to go about the whole pager stuff. Sorry, I'm new to Byond forum type things. But anyways, what can I start doing?

I added you to my pager but I have yet to see you on. The pager is what loads up when you run BYOND. It's a blue icon on your task bar, when running, with a graphic of an atom inside it. If you have Skype that would be even better.
Dec 12 2010, 10:26 am
Hi! Uhm, I;m not quite sure how to go about the whole pager stuff. Sorry, I'm new to Byond forum type things. But anyways, what can I start doing?
Dec 3 2010, 10:50 am
Apparently we have the same birthday. :P
May 21 2010, 5:49 am
BrklynBoii wrote:
yo um i need a coder
<--- Coder
Sep 25 2009, 11:20 am
yo um i need a coder

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Zaltron's Games
A faster way for programming in turf. Read the info text. It's now back on the hub.
Re: About AutoTurfCoder
Auto Turf Coder 3
An easy way to program in your turfs visually.
Re: About Auto Turf Coder 3
Round up mice into your rockets and save them!
About ChuChuRocket
Community Chat Source
A place to chat, recieve code help, and play games. Now Open Source!
Re: About Community Chat Source
Developer Central
A place to chat and get help with code problems.
About Developer Central
You can find out your GPA(grade point average) with this. This is an upgrade of my old GPAFinder.
About GPAFinder
An advance map editor that'll save intp .dmp format.
Re: About MapEditor_src
My mini Reversi game for the 1 tile mini game contest(a few buigs never fixed but it works for the most part).
About MiniReversi
Learn the piano while competing against friends to get the right note the fastest!
About Piano
This quiz will help you with sight reading music in treble clef.
About PianoQuiz
The classic game of pong.
About Pong
Visual Auto Turf Coder
A Graphical addition to the first Turf Auto Coder(you can now visually see the turf and click on them to make them dense, click them again to make them non dense, you can also change layers and opacities now!).
About Visual Auto Turf Coder
A CTF game!
About Zenzal
Zaltron's Demos
Plasma Fractal Map Generator
Generates a map that looks like a satelite view of a planet.
About Plasma Fractal Map Generator
Zaltron's Libraries
An on-screen menu with a moderator button for anyone that's a Moderator.
About ButtonMod
Particle Effects
Re: About Effects
Graph that uses Vertices and Edges
About Graph
Mini Map Generator
Generates minimaps
Re: About Mini Map Generator
A party system lib for use in your game.
About PartySystem
Info inside lib(This has a few advantages over my first party system, and a few disadvantages).
About PartySystem2
A library with pet control for your game.
Re: Need Help
Version 3. Last updated 1/10/04 12:28 AM
About TextLibrary
A new Text library(better than the last one I made)
About Text_Lib_Update
Great for using when you teleport to another place or when you want an event to take place or when you sleep.
About Transactions