Azusa Online

by Inutaishos
Azusa Online
Poseidon, Athena, Zeus, Pandora and Hades are in a Great War to define the destiny of Humans! What side is yours? (Inspired by Knights of Zodiac, Saint Seiya)

Poll: How should the new Azusa training methods be?

Remove the AFK trainings. 7% (4)
Turn AFK trainings into puzzles (like press said arrow key) 10% (6)
Keep the AFK trainings 12% (7)
Aided trainings (with the help of items such as weight, or more gym based stuffs 45% (26)
Only allow afk training if done with the help of other player, like dual trains 5% (3)
Dont touch training methods! 10% (6)
I have a better idea! 8% (5)

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Been a while since I am trying to change these training systems but I really don't have any direction to go;
Help me with yours suggestions!
Mainly if you don't play Azusa because of it!

PS: this discussion is also going on Azusa's discord brainstorm channel;
Aided trainings + Press arrow keys stuff.
Gotta send the admin a video of you at the gym working out to train your char
In response to Espinoza11
Espinoza11 wrote:
Gotta send the admin a video of you at the gym working out to train your char

Will recording myself sitting at the computer all day playing games count as meditative training for cosmo?
Make the game RPL, something like the system in Eternia/SoA ;3

That should be the perfect project for Azusa 5.0
Adding more ways to train is fine while keeping the current system.

Seen way to many RP games fall off because the training became way to active. Their should be a balance like it currently is.