by Anthonyfile2
A Giant Open Sandbox based on the world of 'Runescape'.
Melee: To focus on a Particular Melee stat or to train balanced, press "W". (Note: Training Balanced just divides all your exp up among Attack, Strength & Defence it does not give an advantage so to say.)
Your Melee Attack button is the "A" Key.

Attack: The attack skill determines how often you will hit with a melee weapon, the higher your attack the more likely you are to successfully hit your target.

Strength: The strength skill determines how high you can possibly hit, the higher your strength, the more damage you can do.

Defence: The defence skill determines how often you will block attacks from your opponents.

Hitpoints: The hitpoints skill determines your life points, the hitpoint skill is raised while training Attack, Strength, Defence, Range or Magic.

Range: The range skill determines how much damage and the accuracy you have with a Bow. (And other ranged weapons when I add them.) The "S" Key is the attack button for range.

Magic: The magic skill when increased allows you to cast stronger spells aswell as use certain teleports to make travelling easier. You have 3 Auto-Cast slots (D, F, & G Keys) in which you can bind spells to cast with ease.(Magic Currently does not require runes to cast spells, it will in the future however.)

Prayer: You can increase your Prayer level by bury bones, currently you can bury Regular Bones < Big Bones < & Dragon Bones. Increasing your prayer level gives you access to more prayer spells within your prayer book, when a Prayer is active, you slowly drain your Prayer Points, you get 1 Prayer point per level of Prayer you have, and once all your Prayer Points are depleted you must pray at a Altar in a church to recharge them(Or drink a prayer/super restore potion made from the Herblore skill when I add it.)

Woodcutting: Woodcutting allows you to chop trees for their logs which can be sold or burned or fletched into bows. To begin woodcutting you can buy a Bronze/Iron Hatchet from Bob's Axes in Lumbridge, then go up to any regular tree and start chopping on it. The higher your woodcutting, you will gain access to better hatchets which chop wood faster, you will be able to cut down better trees. Regular Trees lvl 1-15;Oak Trees 15-30;Willow Trees 30-45; Maple Trees 45-60;Yew Trees 60-75;Magic Trees 75-99.

Firemaking: Fire making is a seemingly useless but easy to train and is quite helpful for gaining total level, To begin you gather some logs from woodcutting or buy them from other players and right click "Burn", Simple enough the same levels for woodcutting apply to the firemaking levels required to burn the logs listed above.

Fletching: Fletching allows you to craft your logs you've obtained into Bows which can be sold to NPC Shops or to other Players. To begin fletching, right click on a pile of logs in your inventory and select "Fletch" the same levels above in woodcutting apply to the fletching requirement to fletch the logs.

Fishing: To begin fishing you you need to gather Fishing supplies from a General Store Keeper, you will need a Fishing Net, Harpoon, Fishing Rod, and a Lobster pot. To start you can fish Shrimp, Trout, & Salmon in Draynor Village, and Next to the Goblins in Lumbridge across the bridge, when you're able to, you can move on to the temporary fishing spots for Lobsters, Tuna/Swordfish, and Shark which are located Just south of the Cemetery/Church in lumbridge.

Cooking: After you've gathered raw fish you can
take your fish to any Cooking range in the game and click on it to begin cooking your fish, the same levels for fishing apply for cooking your raw fish. Cooked food is a necessity as it is used to heal you, which is vital in PvM and PvP.

Mining: To begin mining start off by buying a Bronze/Iron Pickaxe at Bob's Axes in Lumbridge, the higher your mining level the better pickaxes you can use, Move onto a mining area currently there is mines in Al Kharid, South of Varrock, and in Barbarian Village. From 1-15 you can Mine Tin/Copper, 15-30 you can mine Iron, 30-40 you can mine Coal, 40-55 you can mine Gold, 55-70 you can mine Mithril, 70-85 you can mine Adamant, and 85-99 you can mine Runite.

Smithing: Once you have ores, you can smith them into bars at a forge and sell them to the stores or make armour(when I add anvils). The same levels apply for mining as they do smithing.
Bronze Bar = 1 Copper + 1 Tin Ore
Iron Bar = 1 Iron Ore
Steel Bar = 1 Iron Ore + 2 Coal
Gold Bar = 1 Gold Ore
Mithril Bar = 1 Mithril Ore + 4 Coal
Adamantite Bar = 1 Adamant Ore + 6 Coal
Runite Bar = 1 Runite Ore + 8 Coal

Thieving: The thieving skill is not finished yet; when it is you will be able to steal from npcs, steal from market stalls, and picklock chests to raise it.

Crafting: The crafting skill is currently only trainable by crafting leather/dragon leather hides. To begin you can start killing cows, they drop leather which can be right clicked and crafted into Vambraces, Chaps, or a Body. The higher your crafting the better armor you'll be able to make, Green Dragons, Blue Dragons, Red Dragons, and Black Dragons all drop hides which can be crafted if your crafting level is high enough.

Agility: You currently gain agility levels by walking/running around the world, that will change in the future when I add in obstacle courses, in which will be the only way to train Agility. The higher your agility the more convenient short-cuts you will be able to use to get around.

Herblore: Skill currently not added it is in the works, but when it is finished you will be able to gather herb drops from npcs or from farming and identify the herbs, and be able to mix them with vials of water and other secondary ingredients to make potions that will have their own unique benefits and usages.

Slayer: The Slayer skill is raised by getting a slayer task from a Slayer Master Npc, currently there is a Slayer Master in Lumbridge and in Draynor, when assigned a task, you must kill the assigned number of monsters stated. The higher your slayer level the more advanced tasks you will recieve, as well you will gain the ability to kill slayer specific monsters which drop unique items of their own for instance at 85 Slayer you can kill Abyssal Demons which drop the Abyssal Whip. After finishing a task you are awarded a bonus exp for completion and then you must return to a slayer master to obtain a new task.

Farming: The Farming skill is currently not added; When it is though you will be able to plant certain allotments and trees in farming patches and grow and harvest them.

Runecrafting: Currently not added; When it is added you will be able to craft rune/pure essence at a specified rune altar, and make Runes which will be required to cast magic spells.