Dynamic Interface Library

by KingCold999
Dynamically create and control windows and controls at runtime.
Version b0.4.0
-Removed redundant Update() proc under Label
-Separated controls into separate DM files.
-All set commands should be working.
-Only some get commands working (no control-specific)

-Working on new demo / reference document
-Get commands for all variables
-Toggle commands for true/false values
-Some way to load pre-existing values into a control datum
-Menu and Macro Commands
-Datum for Pane (separate from Window)
-Update() only updating what needs updating.

Version b0.3.1
Fixed slight problem with a test verb in the lib code file when it should not have been, as well as removed my test DMF file.

Version b0.3.0
-Resolution proc waits for client to say it is finished, in the event it takes longer than 1 second. -[Ter13]
----Can't seem to get this one to work properly, may need further assistance sometime.

-Removed POS and SIZE variables on control
----replaced with x/y and w/h.
----Will have setPos(x,y) and setSize(w,h) as well as getPos() and getSize() procedures

-Created constructor for controls
----new Control(client, controlname, controlparent)
----All of these are required for any controls
----Error messages displayed if used improperly.

-Procedural control setting for all common parameters (no control-specific parameters as of yet.)
---- Set: X, Y, W, H, Bounds(X/Y/W/H), pos(X/Y), size(W/H)
---- All common controls (skin reference under All)

-Working error messages for misused procedures

Version b0.2.0
-Changed Show() to Update()
-removed dependancy on Create (must be updated before objects can be added however)
-All components have individual parameters working
-Beginnings of automatic updates and procedure-based editing (IE control.setPos(newpos) instead of control.pos=newpos, so as to not require calling the update proc)
-Dynamic Screen Resolution Grabber (Credit to Leur, most of the code was his I just made it dynamic / not requiring built-in dmf)

Version: b0.1.0
-First release
-Windows, labels, buttons and input 100% working. Everything else only have default / global parameters working.
-Must run updates after changes