Dynamic Interface Library

by KingCold999
Dynamically create and control windows and controls at runtime.
This post is to keep track of a list of features to come in the next updates. These won't necessarily be in the ~next~ update but will be in an update in the future with the possibility it will be included in the next update.

-Update() only updating what needs updating. (10%)
-New demo / reference document
-Get commands for all variables (40%)
-Toggle commands for true/false values (0%)
-Some way to load pre-existing values into a control datum
-Menu and Macro Controls (5%)
-Datum for Pane (separate from Window) (50%)
-Pre-made windows
--Progress Bar / Double Progress Bar
--Default Skin
--Larger ALERT procedure. (Because 3 buttons wasn't enough ;3)
-Getting control datum from preexisting control
-Better fail-safes / Debug Messages
-Error assertion / crashing