Naruto Shippuuden World Destruction

by Nova Productions
Play in the world of Naruto!
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Poll: Would you like to see NSWD 2 back online? If so what would you like added in?

Yes 100% (13)
No 0% (0)

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State below what you would like added in. The possibility of NSWD 2 coming back is mostly represented through this poll. If enough people vote yes, than Takishiro will bring it back, with a string of updates.
There really wasn't anything special about this game, a NNG rip with copy/paste copy and recolored icons. The bugs were numerous and were located in everything "new" that was added to the source.

If anything start over with a 1.2 NNG source and go from the, other wise it's just another project that would spin in circles, going no where.
I was actually thinking of re-programming the majority of the game. The icons will remain the same, until I find a pixel artist.

If I do bring it back, It will be back sometime around November/December, unfinished of course, just a beta. I'm going to start from the attack system and go on from there. I was thinking of replacing it with more of a "combo" system than just aimlessly attacking people.
That's good and sorry if I came off crude, I just didn't see the point in asking a poll if the same results would apply.
As for an artist, I'd be glad to lend you a hand.
Yeah, I would have replied the same way, Taki. If the game returns as another imitation of another dead/dying/stagnant game on BYOND--which itself is not getting much these days--it would have been another bust; however, if it is goingt o be something unique, go for it, Bro.
no ,no, your fine lol. I thought the same thing when people asked me to put the game back up.. "Why would I do that if its just going to be another damn rip." and than I thought to myself... why not re program it to make it less of a rip, and who knows maybe at one point it won't be a rip anymore..
I'm going to release a preview of the new battle system in about a week or two. And then I will go on from there, and yah help with the iconning would be great.