New Beginnings

by Stikk0
In this action packed player vs player world of Naruto. Enjoy fast paced pvp and daily events.
Naruto action packed player vs Player game made from the anime by Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto Universe! Help us grow, starting over is a drag but we'll be top again believe it!

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1: Do not disrespect a player or staff
2: Always comply with the requests of the admins. If a player feels wronged by an Admin, report it to the owner, false claims will not be tolerated
3. Do not abuse bugs, they must be reported. There are no rewards for reporting bugs
4. Do not attack others in safe zones (Hospitals, Academies and Event Waiting Areas) or use exploits that allows you to do so
5. A statement should not contain more than five fully capped words in OOC
6. Do not spam (sending a large amount of identical or near-identical messages) OOC for any reason
7: Do not ask for edits, items, kage, or admin. Admins are chosen through applications in the forums
8. This Game has "secret" content for players to discover. Do not share the reqs for these secrets
9. Do not abuse Contact GM, it is to be used for reporting bugs and players who are breaking rules
10. Do not disturb an admin if they appear to be doing admin related duties
11. Do not AFK train or use third party programs to assist in training
12. Do not avoid punishment issued by an admin
13. Do not disrupt events
14. If a player is in need of admin assistance, the player needs to state so in OOC and an admin will report to them as soon as possible
15. Kages will be appointed by a joint decision of the staff to players who meet the requirements. If more than one player meets the requirements for the same village, there will be a battle to decide the kage
16. Leaders and org members must give notice in advance if they will be unable to be online for a period of time. In the case of a long duration of being inactive, a new kage will be appointed
17. Do not block hospital and academy pathways
18. A player is not allowed to post URLs in the OOC. If a player posts a URL that leads to adult or disturbing content, or another BYOND game, they will be banned immediately
19. Advertising is only allowed by the owner.