Covert's Global Assault

by Covertsuperx
Covert's Global Assault
A Global Domination Game
This game has been a long time in the making and I am super stoked it is finally up in beta and cannot wait for the full time live version!

There is not another game like this one! A game where players can worked together for total global domination is an awesome idea. Pretty soon those BR's (cough cough) will be battling the U.S in a way no one ever thought possible. You can vote for the president or have civil war,,the ideas are endless in this wicked cool interactive domination type game!

You can have an army of tamed lions attack other countries and grow weed to sell. Or other veggies but hey medicinal medicine is always a good thing right! You can be good or evil. Ascend to an angel or demon and who knows maybe even take over the moon!

This is a one of a kind game. Covert and his group of coders have worked their butt off making this game. I think it is awesome how byond has a place where people can work together and share coding and ideas to help create these amazing games. Thanks byond for being such an awesome place. I plan on becoming a member next paycheck!