Days Of The Forgotten Shinobi

by Sage The 64th Wonder
Days Of The Forgotten Shinobi
An Original Ninja Game with Roleplay/ PVP Qualities. Create. Enjoy.

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Hi all. The name's Sage. I used to be on BYOND years ago under the key Nobukou. Im here with my Naruto Game and still planning on finishing it..Idk I've always been a huge Naruto fan and I never was happy with the Naruto games to I'm making one I enjoy haha erm... Anywho! in a few days I will be posting an in depth developers log explaining all that we are currently working on and plan to implement so that we can get you all into a test soon. With this game it's merely a gateway to another game that I'm working on, but in the meantime I want this game to flourish. It was started about 6 years ago so in comparison to many other games on BYOND today mines is outdated. So with that being said I do not plan on changing up the overall pixel style of the game. To ensure satisfaction and success we are diligently working to getting an actual Alpha Test Date. Until then stay tuned and Fan our Game. We plan to make it happen :D

Add me At Terra-Gx if you have any questions regarding the project.

that guys gunna have to crawl through that door
lol why are there trees ontop of the building
In response to Mastergamerxxx
Games outdated man haha. Clearly a layering issue. Best believe the actual game itself is going to make up for its minor cosmetic alpha flaws ^__^;a