Land of Fire

by Pixelcomet
Land of Fire
An atmospheric, anime inspired role playing game.
Hello again folks, it's that time of the week again. Sorry for the late post this week, my internet went out as I was writing this!

While there wasn't much made to the development end besides working on the first scene of the game for nearly a week straight, we have begun production on techniques. If you remember from Devlog #4 where I posted a bunch of fun GIFs of the techniques you will be seeing in the game, well all of that is going to change. With the game's identity becoming clearer, we are now getting a better grasp of how we want things to look + play out. We knew that with the recent yet drastic combat change LoF experienced, we would have to update techniques along with it. We waited for everything to become clear first so that we could achieve the general idea of what we want these new techniques to be. We started working on the fireball technique, and although I haven't been able to work on the actual technique mechanics itself, we were able to get to visual aspects of the fireball.

Using parts from this particle set Zane made -

We made this -

I believe we're heading in the right direction with how we'll be handling the look of the techniques. Using pieces and particles makes it feel a lot more lively.

Though I don't have a video to share this week on the campfire scene, it's been receiving polish on a day to day basis.

More work will be put on this scene and others as we get to them, but we've already started working on connecting the scenes, so it's nice to see things are really coming together well.

In Devlog #16, I shared with you guys a gif showing off elevation. SulLight has been working on improving the look of elevations in order to give them a more prominent feel and push the platforming feature forward for the player especially in such an early stage in the game.

Along with reworking techniques, now is also a great time to start reworking weapons as well. Although not much is set in stone yet, one thing is for sure, the feel of the weapons will be amazing!
I'll wrap up this week's devlog with a small sneaky peek of the great sword WIP

And once again, don't forget to share your feedback as it is valued! We'll be seeing you all next week!
Honestly, you guys work is beyond impressive. I've been developing games on BYOND since 2003 and haven't came close to develop a game as sound as this game. I definitely look forward to see how everything plays out with this game, And I would like to know how you discovered or develop such advance programming techniques. I'm kind of blown away by how much you're putting into this game, I'm interested to see how well it handles cpu usage aswell.
Thanks! Most of us have been developing for nearly a decade. Alot of projects were started in that time, few were completed. But with each one we learned from them. We learned what we were capable of in terms of a project's scale and scope.

We've done a few public tests and the game seems to perform just fine under normal circumstance. Though there were some unforeseen difficulties for some people. We've made fixes to these and hope in our next public test we can gauge that aspect a little bit better.
looking good keep up with the good work
Looks good, i really like that the fireball goes well with the other art.
For the elevation system, there's alot of potential there in terms of mapping. Would be great to see some rocky areas or any other areas that make good use of it.
Also, would y'all be streaming again anytime soon?

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Chad clarke wrote:
Also, would y'all be streaming again anytime soon?

I would love to do another stream, but last time became incredibly disorganized. I think we'd need to find time and be more prepared before we can stream again but I'll ask the guys and see if they're up for it. Thanks!
I just hope this game doesn't become a spirit age where it comes along so far to point its openly playable then just magically disappears and all work on it ceases

I would like to see you pushing towards an early version. Just to see which techniques and jutsus resonate the best with your player base. Would help you immensely + you don't waste time on unpopular jutsus.
From my experience there is always a huge difference between small tests with limited people and larger ones where everyone can participate
Well this whole prologue/tutorial we've been spending alot of time on is basically going to be a published demo of the game in it's earliest state. We're trying to complete the first thirty minutes to an hour of gameplay.

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good job man i know this games gonna be great keep up with the good work