Memories of the Sword

by Jen Aside
A fantasy roleplaying game using a D20 system.
Memories of the Sword

"Dear reader, I wish I could tell you that it ends well."

War has ravaged the lands, leaving most of the world a devastated place ruled by monsters. The once glorious kingdoms now lay in ruins and those who survive do whatever they can to get by - whether it be honest work or more nefarious actions. Is this truly the end?

Memories of the Sword is an open-world player-driven roleplaying game, using a variant of the D20 system inspired by HackMaster. Create your own unique character from a selection of classes and earn feats, skills and proficiencies to define who your character is and what their role in this world will be.

The game will feature a medium sized world to explore, with an Ultima 3 inspired combat system and roleplay rules and guidelines to supplement it.

Five classes: Fighter, Barbarian, Ranger, Rogue and Assassin. Each class has a unique feature that helps define it, but how they develop is up to you.

Five races to compliment them: Human, Elf, Demonspawn, Kalashtar and Half-Orc. Much like classes, each one has their own features, traits and lore that further define your character.

Feats and Powers to build your character. Depending on how you fight you may gain new skills and feats as you progress.

Free-form roleplaying, with a simple yet robust combat system. Magic is not widespread in this world, and those lucky enough to attain such power will be a force to be reckoned with.

Day and night system, accompanied by a selection of verbs that aid in the roleplay experience. Sneaky characters will be able to hide themselves, yet those who invest in the proper skills may be able to see or hear them.

Racial languages to further your immersion. Not all races speak the same language and you may find it difficult to communicate - but over time you will learn.

World PVP is enabled by default, with several systems to supplement and balance it. Depending on the server settings, damage between players(compared to monsters) may be normalized to prevent more powerful players from simply slaughtering the weak.

A robust gear system with plenty of loot to find. From poorly crafted and discarded weapons to unique items crafted by artisans long gone, what will you find in this world?