Roleplay Budokai

by WhiteStray
Roleplay Budokai
Join this wonderful Roleplaying Game unlike any other. The best merge of existing Features and on top totally new ones await you. New Art-Style and animations.
Hello Fellow Byond Community,

we have just launched version 1.2 and wipe is 1-2 days old, so come in and have some fun. Everyday we are trying to improve and be unique. See the update log below ! Also this game offers starter boosts at year 5, which are customizeable by the player. So come join in anytime for some fun !

Update Log:


- Tiles are now inside/outside buildable within the Build Menu
- First set of New Changeling icons are added (more to come) inside the game Changelings still can change to them by using the Customizations Option "Customize Transformations"
- Big Interface Change: Chatbox and Tabs are now drag'n'drop and resizable (customizeable) by player choice. Also The transparency can be set via the new Options Menu on the top right.
- Music and soundeffects are now adjustable individually
- Mutations are added for Gen 1 players aswell. People have a 10% chance to get a mutation. Exisiting players please admin help and an Admin will use the "Mutate" verb on you.
- Added Supreme Kai of Time Clothes and Beard (Thanks to Darklight)
- Adjusted Changeling transformation Multipliers cause they were simply overpowered. Allready created changelings will be edited to the new value. To compensate for this nerf changelings, same as aliens last wipe, get an ascension which will boost their transformations mods significantly
- Nerfed Colds transformations BP Mult from 3 times (SSJ Mod) to 2.8 times
- the Admin verb "Assess" is now working better and shows the unlocks for all possibile transformations properly
- Deactivated the option to customize the game skin
- New Movement system. Let's you now also move diagonally with just arrow keys
- Blast Settings are now moved to the new "Option" window
- View of the screen has been adjusted to match the new interface
- Weather System / Day Night Circle has been implemented but will be deactivated until next patch cause it wasn't completly finished and tested yet


- Fixed Dash Attack cooldown
- Fixed Old Bushy Hair icon
- Fixed Battle Spirit system errors
- Fixing first gen mutations