Roleplay Budokai

by WhiteStray
Roleplay Budokai
Join this wonderful Roleplaying Game unlike any other. The best merge of existing Features and on top totally new ones await you. New Art-Style and animations.
Hello Community,

Another Big Update has entered. We are gaining more popularity by the day. Come in and join the fun =).


-Day Night/ Weather System (Seasons also added) added on all Planets. Weather changes do not affect something atm other than visuals but this is gonna change at some point. Except On ice Planet if it snows or if there is a blizzard all races except changies will get damage. If it sunny all is good. Also if there is a blizzard/snow you can see your breath (this is kinda a beta to try it out =)

- New Customization System: All transes can now be customized as you wish. There is a verb called "Customize Transformations" in the menu "Customization". You can Choose up to 3 Aura Overlays, 1 Custom overlay (like a jacket or whatever) and you can choose your hair or if you want a hair after transforming. Note: Saiyan hairs will always be yellow after transing except for SSJ4

-You can now choose Custom Auras

-New Skill Shop functionalities (New Skills etc...)

-Added Lethality Overlay when you enter lethal mode

-Quoted text in Emote now shows in your text color

-Reset Interface Button - If your chat or Tabs are somehow lost use this in "Screen Adjustments"

-Removed the old rubbish targeting system, that appeared when you double clicked someone

-Added a ton of new Tiles/Objs and a new animated Namek tree

-Added tons of new clothes @thanks to our precious iconners

-RPMode also now stops you from Unkoing (missed it last update)

-New Space Pod icon

-New Alien icons added: Beerus_Kid, Beerus_Adult, Marble, Bebi, Mickey Mouse.............


- Fixed Admin Mode
- Fixed Contact List errors. All your contacts will be lost however. Sorry but the old system was extremely broken and was one of the causes why the server crashes at some point

- Fixed Sensse/Scan again hopefully once and for all (Second Reason for crashes)
- Fixed Verbs Death Beam and Sand Throw -> Death Ray and Sandthrow now
- Fixed Reset off Power Flux from -100% back to 100%. There was a display issue still showing -100%
- Fixed Stat Ranking incase of faulty edits (3rd reason for crashes)
- Fixed a drone endless loop (4th Reason for Crashes =D)