Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Wrath of the Vongola

by TheVongola10th
Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Wrath of the Vongola
WotV is a game inspired by one of the best unrecognized Anime out there.
I am so absolutely, amazingly missing this game. I feel bad for Org; he really wanted the game to grow and stuff, and he did update it. I've been the top player for AGES in this game, and I absolutely love it. Maybe you could use the old game version ? I mean; the one that was playable until some time ago. If you're not willing to continue THAT game; would you please give me the source files so I can play by myself and with some close friends of mine ? I really miss the game. ): (LOLS, I swear I wont be hosting it neither in your hub or a new one, if that could be a concern.)

This is one of my favorite games When is it coming back up?
and suddenly the game freezes and wont let me back in,its not a problem on my part but any tips would be usefull (i tried the obvious like relog reconnect)
In response to Deltamancreator
Its your connection Delta or, a Host Problem, If its a host problem i would tell the host to fix it.
i know this might not help but eh here goes

i already opted to vote, its up to shiki if he wants me as the perma-host
i mean i volunteered to host
There's already a host. With no problems....
the war between Ryan and Shiki has destroyed the game-verse XD
or Ougi is mad at you guys LOL
nah Wave just likes to own me
i guess we are switching over to me as the host?
question krayzee.....
who are you o.o
im kenshin LOL
someone host or ill hibari/fong/alaude you to death
8:20 and no host...Well delta i guess you have to hibari/fong/alaude some random guy on the street to death
im waiting for shiki to add me on skype so i can get the host files
In response to Krayzee
I have the host files :\
Lol Still no host?
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