One Piece: Our Dreams

by Masterdogs
Come and Play it ... coo game in need of GMs
A new Gaame im making will be the first One pice game Up in the story of byond

----->Recent Stuff<------
26 Akuma no mi (Devil Fruits)
Marine NPCs
Base Icons /Tan/White/Blue/
All Akumas have more than 3 Attacks
Swordsman Race
Cooker Race
Singer Race
Doctor Race
Navegator Race
Pirate Race
Marine Race
Schibukai Rank
Marine Rank
Captain of Marine Rank
Vice-Almirant Rank
Almirant Rank
8 Islands Complete
6 Hairs

----->Future Stuff<-----
More Akumas
Mucho More Islands
Tournies (Tripulations vs tripulation)
Death Sentence (Like Ace)
More Hairs
More Techniques
Necromancer Race

And much more ;)

if u want me to add more send me an MP to Masterdogs

Imsearching Iconners,GFX artist, Hoster, Mapper, Coder

I need pro ppl cuz this game will be really cool