BYOND Headquarters is currently located in a 150 square-foot office in downtown Costa Mesa. This office resides in a building that is shared by other entreprenuerial types. None of them knows what I do.

When I first interviewed with the office manager, I told him that the gaming system we have developed is mainly used by teenagers, and that one of my ambitions was to turn this into an educational tool for kids. Now everytime he introduces me to anyone he says "This is Tom... he works with children." Since that sounds more noble than my actual job (sitting in front of a computer all day), I haven't bothered correcting him.

One of the other office mates was very curious as to the workings of an Internet business, so I told him a bit about our financial model and future plans. I said that we offer a subscription service that activates certain features within the website. I also said that I was hoping to eventually capture more of the adult market, since in theory the software should appeal to an older crowd too.

I realized shortly thereafter that a "subscription" to something in the "adult market" doesn't make this business sound very wholesome! Especially if the second guy talks with the first guy and learns that I (allegedly) work with children all day. So if you hear about someone getting busted for operating a kiddie porn website in Costa Mesa, please inform the police that it's all a big misunderstanding!

But back to our story. Every Friday night, just as I am just getting into the coding groove (that statement is depressing even to write down), faint music invariably comes drifing into the office space. Last week, curious, I decided to investigate the source. As it turns out my office is a block away from a hip yuppie bar, and on Friday nights they have a live band.

"I am SO there!" I declared, trying to sound as hip and yuppie as possible (even though I was the only one left in the office, everyone else having busy social lives, the bastards.) Unfortunately this occurred on one of the three days a year it rains in California so I got rather soaked on the journey over. Moreover, I somehow managed to rip my coat whilst fiddling with the zipper. Despite all of the hardship, I covered those 100 feet in good time. Yes!

Due to the band, the bar had a cover charge. Now, that's no big deal, but I wanted to at least check it out a bit first. So I angled around the side and looked into the window to get a better view. Envision if you will, me in my hippie haircut glory, soaked and in tattered clothes. One of the patrons on the other side of the window actually tried to "shoo" me away... he must have thought I was a homeless guy! Thinking quickly, I reached into my wallet to pull out a wad of cash-- that would show him who earns the big bucks around here-- but realized I had blown it all on a recent casino trip (goddammit!) So I pulled out my American Express Blue Cash card. With the rain and all (actually at this point it was hailing... ouch!) I don't think he saw it, so I just gave him a mean glare. Then I went home; the stupid bar wouldn't take my Blue Cash anyway.

You may have won this battle, hip yuppie, but the war has just begun!
No clue what you wrote but it sounded smart sooooo awesome
Sweet, Tom giving us insight into the BYOND HQ.

Unfortunately this occurred occurs on one of the three days a year it rains in California so I got rather soaked on the journey over that Tom shows his face to the BYOND Community.
Hiead, he's around all the time, he just hides from you ;)
Dan, too? =,(
So if you hear about someone getting busted for operating a kiddie porn website in Costa Mesa, please inform the police that it's all a big misunderstanding!

So, you've thought your story through well before actually putting the site up eh? :P
Hippie haircut? What happened to the dapper Mighty Mouse? Get a haircut, you hippie!
Are there guided tours of the BYOND office?
Heh, I can see it now.

On your right is Tom's chair, and on your left is Mike's chair. Well, that's about it. Any questions? Please don't feed the animals.
You don't know how accurate that is, Xooxer. There's a plant, too. Actually the lounge chair isn't so much my chair as it is a guest chair -- or maybe even Tom's chair when I'm not around! I haven't been over there in a few weeks.

Next time I go, maybe I should bring my camera and/or dvcam so we can do a proper virtual tour. Might be fun. Of course, then we'd need to get proper signage for the door, to make it look all official and stuff.
Hey, you know, I never thought to ask just WHERE you guys were located, but apparently, you're only a few hours drive North of San Diego, unless your "HQ" is no where near where "everyone" is at. Maybe I should drive up and pay you guys a visit sometime, my friend goes to college at Irvine right near there.
Mike, I think the plant is dying! Help!
One has to worry about Tom's gambling streak and where all that BYOND membership money is going... <_<

Then again, if Tom wins mega-bucks I'm sure he'd be willing to share! :p
Omg Hippies!!! =O
Mike, I think the plant is dying! Help!

Get a fake one!
Mike, I think the plant is dying! Help!

Have you tried water? I hear that helps.

Maybe I should come down there this weekend and see what I can do. I can't claim to have a green thumb, but I remain amazed that my front lawn hasn't completely died off, given the miniscule level of attention it gets. Maybe I have the right touch or something. Email me and we'll get together!
Don't ask me for help on plants. =P I bought a bonzai tree fairly recently, and it didn't last long at all.
Well, since I bought a membership for your little buisness, as you may call it, tom, I insist that you remove my CSS from my membership page.

I copied someones source code, not knowing it would screw it up completely, just to get the comment box. Well, it gave me all of it, and now I can't change it to anything else.

Thanks. <_<
JediMasterCody: You can do that your self.
My teachers a hippie who takes school days off to play ps2 '>.> hes quite mono tone and likes to rant about saving trees literaly XD But he left us recently and became the leader of the school district and he calls our snow days YEAH!
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