Resident Evil The Dark Files

by 0DarkShadow0
Resident Evil The Dark Files
A all new game!! New stuff, weapons, maps, zombies!! [More]

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Version 2.0
Date added: Oct 23 2010
Last updated: Nov 24 2010
Last played: Nov 30 2011
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Resident Evil The Dark Files

A fun and new game by 0DarkShadow0! Looking for coders and iconers and mappers! Apply on the Forums---> !!

Always adding new things! Come play today!

The Umbrella Corporation have been developing a virus called the T-Virus. But things got out of control. When a cleanup team went in to kill all the zombie's thing's changed... The zombies killed the cleanup team and all broke loose. Thats how it all happened... This is just the story of all of the things that happened... Maybe you can rewrite the story! That is if you survive...

0DarkShadow0 (Game Owner/Iconner/Mapper/Coder)

Try to survive the death... And have fun!
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