Pokemon Dark Red

by Aaronland
Pokemon Dark Red
Join the world of Pokemon Dark Red. Catch, Train, Battle. [More]
Version 4.9.42
Date added: Mar 29 2008
Last updated: Jul 8
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Pokemon Dark Red is a fan-made mmo based on the popular series Pokemon. Which combines the mechanics of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and the main series. Start off as a trainer and catch new pokemon you encounter. Maneuver and strike your opponents in real time based battles. Travel alone or travel with friends as you obtain badges, complete quest, and conquer dungeons. Pick and choose from more then 400+ Pokemon to create your ultimate Pokemon team! Start your Pokemon journey today!

- 16 AI controlled gym leaders.
- 2 regions to explore!
- 50+ TMs.
- Daily quest.
- Ranked PVP battles!
- Day and Night based encounters.
- Randomly generated dungeons that can be enjoyed with other players!
- A number of stat based modifiers(Natures, Base Stats, EVs, IVs).
- Character titles to define your character.
- Large assortment of items to improve your pokemon or assist you in battle.
- Team Rocket and Police rivalry.
- And much more!

Developer: Aaronland
Head of Staff: K3sharr729
Admins: Jordanland
GMs: ----

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Kyubikitsune: (Feb 3, 6:51 pm)
By the time I finished a game like this or tbh any game from scratch byond will probably be shut down.
VeniCeeza: (Jan 22, 8:31 am)
Why not just make one yourself?
Kyubikitsune: (Jan 18, 8:48 pm)
Fr. I wish he would just sell it, I would totally work on this game. Just wanna play it tbh ffs XD.
VeniCeeza: (Jan 18, 3:28 pm)
It feels like yesterday. ;~;
Kyubikitsune: (Jan 13, 4:29 pm)
Yeah, What's a few years right?