Pokemon Race Against Time

by Aceraptor
Pokemon Race Against Time
Guess who's back :D [More]

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Date added: Apr 18 2013
Last updated: Dec 1 2017
Last played: Dec 5 2017
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Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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-Original Owner: Rose (Haseo00jr)
-Owner: Superboy (KururugiSuzaku)
-Owner: Aceraptor (Aceraptor)
-Head Admin:
-Admin: Open
-Admin: Open
-Admin: Open
-Temp Admin:Open
-Event Coordinator: Open

Official Testers:


Player Rules:

1. Do not Multikey. -ban-
2. Do not use excessive profanity or avoid the profanity filter. -mute-
3. Please don't abuse any bug found within the game. -ban, deletion of Pokemon-
4. Do not spam caps. -mute, boot-
5. Don't threaten anyone, it's just a game. -mute, ban-
6. No advertising. -boot, ban-
7. No spamming (excessive caps, etc). -mute, boot, ban-
8. If you have an issue, please report it to a GM, or use the forums. Please do not shout about it in game. -mute, jail, boot-
9. No AFK Training (training without being active on the game). -ban, deletion of Pokemon-
10. A Gymleader will battle you if he/she wants to, do not pester him/her. -mute, jail, boot-
11. Do not clone your Pokemon. -ban-
12. Do not pester GM's, it is very annoying. Use admin-help. They'll most likely notice it and help you. -mute, boot, jail, ban-
13. Do not attack another persons Pokemon without prior consent from both parties. -jail-

Admin Rules:

1. Please let the players find Pokemon on their own. Don't help them by summoning them. If they need help just lead the way. -demotion-
2. You are a player, don't abuse the power I give you. I gave it to you for a reason. -demotion-
3. You are required to help a player if they need help. -demotion-
4. Do not create yourself a Pokemon. -demotion-
5. Do not unjustly punish a player. -demotion-
6. The players have the right to speak their mind. If they don't like you, that's too bad, you cannot punish them for speaking their mind. If they get disrespectful and begin to spam, caps, etc. you can punish them. -demotion-
****Any violation of the rules will result in punishment.****

Gym Leaders:

Fire Gym:

Water Gym:

Thunder Gym:

Flying Gym:

Poison Gym:

Fighting Gym:

Psychic Gym:

Normal Gym:

Bug Gym:

Ice Gym:

Rock Gym:

Grass Gym:

Rainbow Gym:

Ghost Gym:

Dragon Gym:

Eevee Gym:

Org Rules Rules

~1.Leaders you are allowed to have at most 3 Co Leaders.

~2.To the grunts,commanders, luts, etc. Org hopping is not encouraged and will not be allowed. Make a decision and stick to it.

~3.Org Wars are only to happen on the weekend when all organizations will be at their peaks.

Organization's(3 Pokemon Level 75. No cap):

Pokemon Hunters:Open

Pokemon Rangers:Open

Team Magma:Open

Team Aqua:Open

Team Rocket:Open

Team Galactic:Open

Gym Leader Rules

~1.Players can tell if your not doing your job, so they can remove you from Gym leader/E4 spot.

~2.The requirements are 3 Level 50 Pokemon with a cap of 75. Also you must be committed to your position for at least a week before a demote is even in question.

~3.Gym Leaders, You are allowed a minimum of 6 challengers per day.

~4.Gym leaders, stop training if you know no one can beat you <.<< <\br>

Elite 4(5 Pokemon level 75 with a cap of 100.)

First E4: Open
Second E4:Open
Third E4:Open
Fourth E4:Open
E4 Champion:Open

PRAT World Champion: Open

2017 All Rights Reserved
Pokemon Race Against Time Rebirth is in no way working with Nintendo, Gamefreak, or any other official Pokemon company's.

Special thanks to:
Previous Owner: Superboy(KururugiSuzaku)


Jalan123: (Nov 24 2023, 3:28 pm)
Can I get the files for this game and host it? Would be fun to bring back.
Incollor: (Aug 22 2023, 12:25 pm)
Cara, eu adorava esse jogo, que nostalgia que ele me trás, queria ter a oportunidade de jogado novamente com meus amigos
Xeogran: (Dec 2 2017, 10:42 am)
2nd of December 2017 and I see that a server is up :D

I'll never forget this game amongst many others.
Aceraptor: (Dec 6 2015, 7:03 pm)
BlastingX- wrote:
Will the game ever be up again? and if you are when

Probably not if it did it'd be for like a day.
BlastingX-: (Nov 27 2015, 6:21 pm)
Will the game ever be up again? and if you are when