Elemental Warfare

by Archfiend Master
Elemental Warfare
Elemental Warfare is a pvp type game where you try to master the Elements. There are a lot of great and new ideas in the game so give it a try. (Beta Testing) [More]

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Version 2.9
Date added: Oct 3 2006
Last updated: Jan 16 2015
Last played: Nov 25 2013
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Elemental Warfare is back... for beta testing. Feel Free to join this open beta test and give feedback to what you think of the changes.

*The game is updated daily to fix bugs and problems.

*Updated most Sundays for new features.

Looking for Icon Artiest and a host, if you are willing to help post in the discussion area or just get a hold of me thanks.

All turfs are from RPGMaker XP.


Ghost of ET: (Sep 10 2013, 4:57 pm)
Needs 50 mana to cast it.
Ghost of ET: (Sep 10 2013, 4:56 pm)
Holy Thunder charge:

You're engulfed in lighting, and dash forwards zapping anything in your way.

How it looks:
Lighting is all around you, and crackling, and then you "dash forward" more like move in the direction you're facing, and anyone who gets hit have lighting sparking around them

Stats, and effects:
Does 12% more of your int, and anyone hit by this is stunned for 5 seconds

Cool down:
50 seconds
Ghost of ET: (Sep 10 2013, 4:53 pm)
School life.
You will have the option to join Mana School.
Things you can study in.
Strength/Military offense
Defense/Military defense

Okay so here's how school works.
Everyday you're required to enter class. from 4:00-12:00
You must participate for a total of 30 minutes. At this time you are siting in class with a teacher. for the 30 minutes then released. When released you gain an exp increase of 10% until 12:00. Other than that there will be a series of quests.

In the library you can talk to the librarian, and he'll give you a book named "Stone sword of the goddess" When you take the book, and read it you ask if it's real, and he says "We're going on an expedition to try, and find it later today"
You ask "We?"
He responds "A group of students, and the head Mana consultant are going"
You ask to join, and he says go to the consultant's office which is located at the back of the school in a small building. You go there, and ask him he says that it's no easy fit going there, and that you must prove your-self by fighting a exel student (Highest ranking student who has shown prowess in all skills. If you accept you are told to go outside to fight him if no you will be able to leave, and can come back, and ask again.

The Exel student is level 278 Mage. He posses fire ball, Shredding winds, and Holy Thunder charge.

If you beat him you will go into a cut scene where he says wow you're strong, and congratulate you on beating him. You two then go back tot he coun., and tell him of your victory. More tommorow!!!!
Ghost of ET: (Sep 2 2013, 4:21 pm)
Skill: Dark Soul
Element = Dark
You draw all the shadows around you, and let it absorb into your soul.
Increases your overall mana by 17% for 20 seconds.
No cost to use
Ghost of ET: (Aug 4 2013, 1:42 pm)
How One edged blade works

Since One edged Blade's need Str/speed to actually equip it. They weapon it-self increases your defense so you won't be terrible.

How one edged blades work is that the more you hit the more critical s you can do. Special thing about One edged blades is that the criticals stack.

Say if you do 1 critical for 102 damage though the critical damage will decrease you keep that critical damage onto it overall increasing the damage

So here's a little something to make that understandable.

102 damage

then your next crit will be 100 damage, but then add 102 to that.

then you will do 90 damage then add 202 damage to that

Then 60 damage add 292 to that

Then 20 damage add 352 to that

then 10 crit, and that's where the crits will go stop going lower, and that will be your overal Damage with a crit is

382 damage.

if you get another crit just add 10 more damage to that. That should be how One edged blades work except they have have a passive that every time you do a critical damage you cause bleed effect which Takes 3% of your Speed, and inflict it as Atk damage to your opponent.

Note that only works with crits so you'll be doing the 382 damage if it's a crit. If it's not then it's your normal Atk damage, but One edged blades have high crit ratio.

Also it's melee, and it takes you str to do damage what they increase is Str/Def/Speed, but not as much as Knucklebusters, and Double edged sword.

Little bit of str, A good amount of defense, Alot of Speed.