Naruto: Memories of the Soul

by Asuma588
Naruto: Memories of the Soul

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Date added: Jan 30 2012
Last updated: Jun 7 2012
Last played: Mar 20 2015
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Tayuya51111(Kimiaru) gave players an exciting Naruto game called Naruto: Blind Spot of the Soul. In dedication to the players who have remained committed to the game (though there are many now, those people have always joined together as one on one game), we proudly present Naruto: Memories of the Soul.
- The Dawning (Jin)

<img src=" g" alt="NMOTS" width="600" height="400"
Owner 3 GFX Artist- Jin ( The Dawning )

Iconner-+Sashi+ ( Chaoswarrior )
Owner 2 Sabaki ( .zApocalypse )
Co-Owner- Exor ( Dunno atm )
Administrators-Kyro, Daniel, Sanjuro

1- No AFK training allowed
2- Do not death avoid by logging off.
3- Do not Ask For Rank changes.
4- Multikeying is NOT-Allowed.
5- Do not dis-respect anyone (they could be sensitive.
6- Do not abuse any bugs, report them to an GM.
7- Please Dont Say This is a Rip Because we already realize this, your 2 cents isn't needed, just log off if you're going to comment.
8-DO NOT Spam!
10- Don't use names from the anime, come on be original.
11-Yes, there is EMS. DO NOT ask for the requirements! Should you do as much you'll be banned until the next update when the requirements are changed. If you repeat this you'll be banned from being uchiha, continue then its ban from the game. <3

Rank Requirements
Kage: Level 100,000
Sannin: Level 70,000
Anbu: Level 50,000
Jounin: Auto
Chuunin: Take Chuunin Exams
Genin: Auto
Student: Starting Rank
Organization Leader: Level 100,000
Organization Co-Leader: Level 85,000
Organization member: Level 80,000


Leaf [Hokage: Vacant]

Sand [Kazekage: Vacant]

Cloud [Raikage: Vacant]

Rock [Tsuchikage: Vacant]

Mist [Mizukage: Sabaki]

Rain [Rain Leader: Vacant]

Sound [Sound Leader: Vacant]


Akatsuki [Kevin]

Anti-Akatsuki [Gin]

Sound Ninja Five [Vacant]

Hebi [Vacant]

Hawk/Taka [Vacant]

Missing [Vacant]

Uchiha Police Force [Vacant]

Spawn Four of the Devil [Vacant]

Over 30 clans ( Guide Here! )

Clash system

Great staff

All nine biju

All Curse Seals

Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, and a Mangekyou Fusion System

Sword training system

Different Paths of Pain



Boakev12: (Feb 5 2015, 3:44 pm)
this is kevin speaking i have the game up with new hub just follow me and ill be on it
YouKnowHow: (Feb 2 2013, 4:47 am)
Man.Someone host! = /
Tiago996: (Feb 1 2013, 10:06 am)
Best game ever!
Vegeta ssjj2: (Dec 17 2012, 4:20 am)
if you need host i can host 24/7 without stopping key Vegeta ssjj2
Nagliuxxxx: (Nov 20 2012, 1:09 pm)
When this game is coming up to work? If u need host i can do it 24/7 mail me [email protected]