Bleach:The Art of Destruction

by Bigbaker1
Bleach:The Art of Destruction
All Espadas have Shikais, there are some Arrancar shikai. We have TONS of Shinigami Zanpakutou to choose from. Game's Great, Going very Good, Yes it's back! Come and Enjoy! Now, RP and PVP. So RPers can come and RP if they'd like. [More]

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Last updated: May 23 2010
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Power Rangers.

Main Owner:Dhielan
2nd Main Owner:




1. Do not keep spamming words and stuff on OOC, or any type of chat.

2. Do not annoy or abuse players and GMs.

3. Do not ask for Captain if you are going to be a Vaizard.

4. Please do not complain on what mask/shikai/Vaizard mask/suit you got.

5. Do Not advertise this game on any other game. Its disrespectful.

6. Do not disrespect GMs.

7. Do not be racist.


-GM Rules-

1. Follow ALL -Player Rules-

2. Do not abuse powers.

3. Do not Create anything Without my Permission

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Gotei 1:
Gotei 2:
Gotei 3: Youko Hinamori
Gotei 4: Damion
Gotei 5:
Gotei 6: Zane
Gotei 7:
Gotei 8: Dr. Flower
Gotei 9:
Gotei 10:
Gotei 11:
Gotei 12:
Gotei 13: Shahiem

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Gotei 1:
Gotei 2:
Gotei 3:
Gotei 4:
Gotei 5:
Gotei 6:
Gotei 7:
Gotei 8:
Gotei 9:
Gotei 10:
Gotei 11:
Gotei 12:
Gotei 13: Yatil

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-Quincy Elders-

Quincy Elder 1:
Quincy Elder 2:
Quincy Elder 3:
Quincy Elder 4:
Quincy Elder 5:
Quincy Elder 6:
Quincy Elder 7:
Quincy Elder 8:

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Note: The Leader of each race has the right to deny you if they please to do so. Since they're the leader they have the choice to decide.


Espada Leader:
Espada Co-Leader:

Espada #1:
Espada #2:Dhielan
Espada #3:Reemoo
Espada #4:Satanic
Espada #5:Zagg
Espada #6:Shadow Knight
Espada #7:
Espada #8:
Espada #9:
Espada #10:

------Shikais and Bankais------
Melee+Double Swords
= Shonsui

Melee+Pure Power
= Zaraki

Melee+Pure Weapon Power
= Ikkaku

melee+Speed and Power
= Ichigo

Melee+Freeze and Kill Your Opponents
= Hitsugaya

Long range+Skewering Multiple Enemies
= Ichimaru

Long range+Ranged Reiatsu Blasts

Controlling+Series of Powerful Strikes
= Renji

Controlling+Slashing Your Foes With Small Blades

Controlling+Ripping Your Opponent Apart
= Byakuya

Using Effects+Screwing Your Opponents With Effects
= Mayuri

Using Effects+Immobilizing The Enemy
= Kira

Using Effects+Absorbing Your Enemie's Power
= Yumichika

Using Effects+Freezing your Opponent For an Long Time
= Rukia


Melee+Blood Blasting
= Urahara

Melee+Flaming Sword
= Yammamoto

Melee+Light Sword
= Ichinose

Deffense+Pure Armored Type
= Sajin

Using Effects+Freeze and Blind your Opponent
= Tousen

= Hisagi

= Aizen

(All these Updates were done by Kprince)
Mod Soul-100%
Inner Hollow-100%
Bigger Gran Rey (only for GMs)-100%
More EXP in training-100%
5 new Shikais-100%
Blood Mist Sheild-100%
House System-110% (except this one, i did this =])

More Updates Will Come!

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Supersonic57: (Aug 25 2011, 7:29 pm)
man, i wanted to try this game, i hope it comes back on
KAG9: (May 21 2011, 12:40 pm)
I hate you Dhie.
LordxPatrick: (May 26 2010, 1:29 pm)
This is a pretty sweet game. I definitely recommend it.
Dinomaster45: (Sep 25 2009, 8:13 pm)
Bobbyawesome wrote:
I love boobs

I love them more then you.
Bobbyawesome: (Sep 21 2009, 1:57 pm)
I love boobs