Pokemon Phantom Retribution

by Blackclaw185
Pokemon Phantom Retribution
A standalone game in the Pokemon Phantom series using unique systems! [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 1.0
Date added: May 23 2013
Last updated: Mar 1 2018
Last played: Aug 31 2020
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Staff List:
Code: Vexxen, Blackclaw
Icon: Blackclaw
Map: Blackclaw

Special Thanks:
Dtwon - Interface Design

Admin List:
Owner: Blackclaw185
Co-Owner: Vexxen
Head-Admin: None
Admin: Nik

Update List:
Version 0.1
- All Pokemon Icons up to Gen 5 Sprited
- Player Icons Sprited
- Item Icons Sprited

Version 0.2
- Temporary Login System Added
- Temporary Skin Added
- Badges Added
- All Kanto Pokémon Coded

Version 0.3
- Save and Load Functioning
- Field of Beginnings, and Pokemon Lab added
- Prof Elm added
- Kanto Starters added

Version 0.4
- Pokemon System being added/tested
- Some Kanto Evolutions added
- Route 1, and Forest of Mysteries added

Version 0.5
- Pokemon Combat and Leveling System added
- Route 1 now spawns Pokemon
- Pokeballs added
- Backpack, Pokemon Panel, and Stat Panels added

Version 0.6
- Cave of Desires added
- Latias Statue added
- Kanto Stone Evolutions added
- Shop Keeper added
- Potions and Evolutionary Stones added
- Forest of Mysteries, and Cave of Desire spawns added
- All level based Kanto Evolutions added
- Trading added
- Kanto Trading Evolutions added

Version 0.7
- Nurse Joy added
- Exp and Health bars added
- Wild Pokemon now wander if spawned by a trainer, and attack if spawned by a Pokémon, or if a Pokémon is within 5 blocks
- PlayerName procedure fixed so more than one person can actually create a character
- Added a Beta Tester medal that is based on the world version
- PC added
- Route 2 added
- Village of Crossroads added

Version 0.8
- Route 3 added
- Town of Tranquillity added
- NPC Electric Gymleader added
- All Badges added
- Electric Badge Medal added
- Temporary Skin being used
- Fixed the size issue with the map panel
- NPC Bug Gymleader added but not mapped

Version 0.9
- Area Displays added to the top left of your screen
- Login System changed and working!
- All Kanto Evolutions fixed to match the games
- Friendship stat and evolutions by Friendship added
- Held Items and evolutions by Held Items added
- All Johto Pokemon Coded
- All Hoenn Pokemon Coded
- All Sinnoh Pokemon Coded
- Prof Elm changed to Prof Oak
- Prof Elm added after the 2nd gym
- Steven added after the 4th gym
- Prof Rowan added after the 6th gym
- A Johto Starter is given to the player after they have won their 2nd badge
- A Hoenn Starter is given to the player after they have won their 4th badge
- A Sinnoh Starter is given to the player after they have won their 6th badge
- Routes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 mapped
- Buzzing Town, Silent Village, Old Root Town, Town of Shadows, Restless Village, Vigorous Village, Overgrown City, and Solemn Town mapped
- Forest Maze mapped
- Forest of Lost Souls mapped
- Cave of Dreams mapped
- Unown Cave mapped
- All the Professors have interact-able Dialogues (Press Z)
- Ghost, Dark, Fighting, Psychic, Dragon, and Fire Gym Leaders added
- Day/Night system added
- Evolution by Day/Night added
- Weather system added
- Class system incorporated
- Team Rocket and Team Galactic added
- Give Money verb added
- Several small bug fixes to trades, spawns, and starters

Version 1.0
- Gender added to Pokemon
- Combee and Gallade now evolve by Gender
- Breeding Groups incorporated
- Breeding System added
- Eggs added (They hatch over time)
- Breeder added temporarily to each Pokecenter
- EVs added
- Stat Gains changed to incorporate Natures, EVs and IVs
- HP-Up, Protein, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, and Carbos changed to incorporate EVs
- IVs added
- Natures added
- Automatic Money and Experience events readded
- Game Rules verb added
- Thunderstorm removed from the Weather system
- George added to each Pokecenter to tell you what IVs your Pokemon have
- Experience and Health bars moved to below the Pokemon
- Gen 1-4 Shiny Icons added
- All Pokemon now have a chance to spawn as a shiny
- Revamped the Elite Four area
- Added the Team Galactic base

In the Works
- Pokedex with spawn and evolution details coming
- Keep an eye open for the possibility of moves ;)
- Automatic Events are making a comeback, but they're going to be revamped, possibly including Boss Pokemon, Tournaments, and a Pokemon Catching Contest
- A new Region may be in the horizon

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Pokemon Phantom Retribution is in no way affiliated with Nintendo, Gamefreak, or other official Pokemon companies.

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