Naruto: The Gutsy Ninja

by Buck1995
Naruto: The Gutsy Ninja
This Is A Naruto Game Based On The Naruto World. This Game Consists Of Awesome Gameplay, And Mult-Player Action Unlike No Other Game! So Come Take A Look! [More]

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Date added: May 2 2011
Last updated: Nov 12 2012
Last played: Jan 5 2014
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Version 1.3 Beta

Last Updated 5/29/11
PhotobucketThe Team Consists Of The Following People:

Programmers: Aniste/Buck1995
Mappers: Aniste
GFX: Masterralphy55
Iconner: Mfarley211
Host: DynamicApache
Co Owner : DynamicApache

With all the maps(villages) linked-together! with one of the powerfulness clans in history of the great Ninja War!
the destiny is yours, complete missions to find out about yourself and / or clan in the past, go against online players, win tournaments. Naruto: The Gusty Ninja is a new original Naruto Shippuden based series, which destiny are you going to
choose ? Which clan will you countinue the generation? Are you the one? Come and find out!

Reqs For Scrolls
-Fuuton:300 Nin
-Doton:300 Nin

~GUTSY NINJA v1.04(Being Worked On Now)
-All Elements In
-All Missions In
-Puppet And Wind Clan Fixed

-Kiri Fixed
-Updated Skin(Again)(Give Credit To ThunderBane)
-Added 3 More Demons
-Made Insides For Kage Buildings
-RasenShuriken added
-Made Missions Like Naruto And Sasuke Missions
-Made Suits
-Made New Chunnin Vests (Thanks To Mfarley211)

-Fixed Runtimes (For Less Lag)
-Fixed Henge And Bunshin Bugs
-Fixed Jail
-Fixed Declare War Verb
-Added New Meditate Icon
-Raised Meditate
-Raised Training
-GM Promoted: Knight Dashaun
-GM Promoted: Mfarley211
-Added Jutsu Reqs
-Boosted Kiri DMG

-Updated Leveling System
-Fixed Screen & Skin
-All Uchiha's Jutsus Fixed
-Chidori Nagashi Added
-Made Clan Skill Icons
-Made 5 New Clans (Uzumaki, Desert, Senju, Path, Kaguya)


A fun combat system, bringing in skill to the equation.

An Interesting Community, Ready to start drama in the game that won't have you annoyed , leaving you always something to do.

Complete Creation, allowing you to create your character with your OWN style.

Original Progression System, A system to make the game more balanced that no other game we know has.
No more cliche leveling(crazy fast leveling) system, but a system based on passives that'll keep you less focused on training but more on the actual game.

And much more!


We are currently trying to improve and bring this game back into the right direction! This game is a v1.02. If you wish to help us or give off any other constructive criticism, post a comment.

Note: This is the Original Naruto The Gutsy Ninja!*



Victorcoelh: (Nov 3 2013, 1:42 pm)
i wish it was online it looks op
Nagliuxxxx: (Nov 20 2012, 1:25 pm)
This game looks awesome when u planning to lauch it? If u need help with host i can do 24/7, mail me [email protected]
Jondave15: (May 23 2012, 12:42 am)
this is dead
Kimmy Uchiha: (May 21 2012, 10:19 am)
Can't wait to play! :D

I, Kimmy Uchiha, will be HOKAGE!! :D :D :D
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