Naruto War Of Shinobi

by Chri93
Naruto War Of Shinobi
Great game with Lack of Players [More]

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Version 1
Date added: Dec 3 2008
Last updated: May 4 2016
Last played: Jan 21 2010
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Game is in Making!


Owner: Chri93 / Chris

Owner:Tamm171 / Tammer

Host: Tamm171 / Tammer

Gfx Artist: Tamm171 / Tammer

Mapper: (None)

Coder : (None)

GM's: (None)

Leaf Kage:
Cloud Kage:
Grass Kage:
Mist Kage:
Rain Kage:
Rock Kage:
Sand Kage:
Snow Kage:
Sound Kage:
Star Kage:
Waterfall Hero:
SO Leader:
Akatsuki Leader:
Hebi Leader:

Genin: Henge the teacher and pass the exam
Chuunin: Exam or 100 Mill all Stats
Jounin: 150 All Stats ( Get By Kage )
Hunter: 50 Missing Kills and Jounin ( Get From kage )
ANBU: 250 Mill And 200 Kills ( Get From Kage )
ANBU-Cap: 300 Mill And 400 Kills ( Get of Kage )
Sannin: 500 Mill and 500 Kills ( Get of Kage )
Sage: Get Choosen of GM and Kage
Kage: All Stats. (or in Tourny )

Caps At This Game Is:
Stam Cap: e+014
Chakra Cap: e+014
Tai Cap: e+013
Nin Cap: e+013
Gen Cap: e+013