Pokemon Crystal Light

by Cilvon2
Pokemon Crystal Light
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Version 5
Date added: Jul 13 2008
Last updated: Feb 18 2009
Last played: Feb 3 2009
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All Pokemon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh are being coded in.
This is the first game to have shiny NPC Pokemon...beat that!

~Roughly 82% Complete~

Rocket: ???
Aqua: ???
Dark Chaos:

Gym Leaders
Kanto Leaders
Rock: ???
Water: ???
Electric: ???
Grass: ???
Psychic: ???
Poison/Bug: ???
Fire: ???
Normal: ???
Gordoria Leaders
Rock: ???
Water: ???
Grass: ???
Normal: ???
Psychic: ???
Fire: ???
Electric: ???


Elite Four
#1 ???
#2 : Flying
#3 : Ghost
#4 : Dragon
Champ: ???

Battle Frontier
Battle Factory:
Battle Pike: ???
Battle Arena: ???
Battle Dome: ???
Battle Palace: ???
Battle Tower: ???
Battle Prymid:

P.S. If you wish to apply for a spot on this game, then register on the forum and apply in the Application Section.


Don't Ask for GM
No Spamming
NO Cursing or Vulgar Lanuage
No Random Killing
No AFK Training (May lead to A boot or possibly A ban for 5 days)

No AFK Training (Will lead to you losing your verbs for 5 days or losing your postition)

Please follow these Rules!


Copyright 2008-2009 Pokemon Crystal Light Productions. All rights reserved.
Nothing may be ripped, copied, or used before asking the owners Cilvon2 or Mighty Mike.
This game is not in any way affiliated with any other games on BYOND.
All work (Icons, Coding, GFX and Mapping) are done by the Pokemon: Crystal Light Staff.