Naruto The Final Battle

by Dayvon64
Naruto The Final Battle
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Naruto The Final Battle

What is NTFB:
Naruto The Final Battle is a mainly PvP based game driven by the player's own dream to embark on the journey to become the ninja that they always wanted to become. Here you can follow in the footsteps of your favorite ninja, or completely forge your own path. There’s several opportunities in NTFB to become stronger than the ninja around you! Become kage and show the shinobi world that you will be noticed! Get to know your village mates, as they are the ones you will step into battle with time and time again. Or? Go rogue amongst your peers and show everyone that power is absolute to you - and you’ll work with any person, village, or entity to be the strongest known in our shinobi world. Be the legendary shinobi you always wanted to be.

Game Features:
- New Mission System
- New Jutsu
- New Kekkei Genkai System
- New Cs and Sage Mode Mechanics
- New Specialization Mechanics
- New Implant Mechanics
- New Jinchuriki Mechanics
- Clans Updated
- And more...

Owner- Dayvon64 / Nathan
Senior Administrator - PhantomKurei / Kurei
Administrator - WannaComeAtMeBro/ CoolStoryBro
Moderator - Cakedup / Tidus
Pixel Artist - D34TH Eff3ct / Kawa

XzDog- For releasing Naruto Izou and allowing us to grow from what were humble beginnings to where we are now.
Matt3151 / Matt - Main programmer for NTFB, and the person who transformed the Naruto Izou source to what it is today.
Branks - Original Izou Icon Artist
Malkortia - Original Izou Icon Artist
DarkX85 / Kalak - Main iconner for NTFB
Mike4593 / Sefirosu - Submitted Icons
UlquiorraSchiffer4 / Hydra - Submitted Icons
Reddeye / Reddeye - Submitted Icons
Silent0killa / Daniil - Submitted Icons
Treak - Submitted Icons
Ashley - Submitted Icons
FluffyKitten / Kitty - Helped with Programming
WannaComeAtMeBro / CSB - Provided the foundation
Sarutobi~Zezu - Submitted Icons
Heyblinx - Helped with Programming
Spevacus - Helped with Programming
Revenge - Submitted Updated GFX
Ghost - Submitted Icons
Darkblitz9 / Bravo - Programming Consultant
Heyblinx / Heyblinx - Programming Consultant
Shooter030 / Jinan - Submitted Icons
D34TH Eff3ct / Kawa - Submitted Icons