Multiverse Wars

by Dr.BlackPower
Multiverse Wars
Multiverse Wars formerly known as Spiritus Roleplay. One of the most Updated and Well kept Old School Sources to this day!! Come Join in on the Action Packed Roleplay!!! [More]

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Multiverse Wars is a community driven roleplaying game with real-time, action combat, hundreds of abilities, Factions, and Class System. Housing a player run economy, and many of other features that this Source did not have back in 2009.

Character Development, with a Driven Admin Team, for the community that can force behind the various functions, of this diverse video game. This game is Roleplay with PVP settings. Characters can age over time, mate, and even die. With a Incline and Decline system that is perhaps one of the all time favorites. Giving the players the opportunity to develop rare abilities, defining your character further.

- Skill Shop for Technology
- Unique Starter Boost System
- New Transformations
- New Skills

Dr.BlackPower - Code
SilentWiz - Code
IdleOcean - Code

Light101 -Code/Art
SilentWiz -Art
GFlash -Misc
Warhorse67 -Misc
Kikaru -Misc
TQWest -Misc
PrestolItsKirbo -Misc
Roundy319 -Misc

Dr.BlackPower -Map
SilentWiz -Map