Bleach: Final Fight

by Eolian
Bleach: Final Fight
Bleach Game Open for Testing. Looking for a decent Coder. [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 2.0 Official
Date added: Sep 11 2010
Last updated: Sep 24 2010
Last played: Oct 5 2010
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Waiting List

Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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Let me make this clear. If you come on the game and expect everyone to tell you where everything is and to be teleported on command, don't bother playing this. We don't spoonfeed. There's a help button and a world map for a reason. This is a warning.

Update for 09/24/10: Soi Fon Shikai redone, Jakuho Raikoben and Shunko added. Shunsui shikai redone, all three games added. Zaraki redone, eyepatch drains reiatsu and gives boost based on how long you've kept it on. Grimmjow resurrection added. Training dummies will be gone. Completely new leveling and stat system. Welcome version 1 of Final Getsuga Form. :D

Updated 09/17/10: Realistic Gin Bankai (Based on Manga), Face Icons for players.

Stark, Halibel, and Barragan are here!!!

Hello everyone and welcome to BFF and we hope you have a cool time in the game, if you dont intend to play I strongly suggest you don't press that "Play Now" button.

The Staff

Owner: Aryth(Eolian)
Co-Owner: Lastbreath (Ichigo1010)
Head Admin: Kiskae (Seanleonartes)
Master Admin: None Yet
Admin: John(Yodawgyo)
Enforcer: Alison(Delicronis)
Trial Enforcer: Lopezzo(Sectum)

Graphic Designer: LastBreath(Ichigo1010)
Iconner(s): Lastbreath(Ichigo1010)
Mappers(s) : Aryth(Eolian), LastBreath(Ichigo1010)
Coders(s) : Aryth(Eolian)
Hosters(s) : Aryth(Eolian), Lastbreath(Ichigo1010)
Forum Maker(s) : Aryth(Eolian)


1.Respect All Player And GM's In Game At All Times

2.Do not use any move except Reiatsu Pressure in SZ (Hospital)

3.Do Not SZ Kill Infront Of Hospital Or Anywhere There May Be Noobs

4.Do Not Advertise Other Games

5.Do Not Spam

6.Do Not Beg For GM

7.Do Not Away From Keyboard Train

8.Do Not Multi-Key

9.Do Not Question Last or Aryth


Squad 1 Captain-Commander Requirement: 200
Squad 2 Captain Requirement: 150
Squad 3 Captain Requirement: 150
Squad 4 Captain Requirement: 150
Squad 5 Captain Requirement: 150
Squad 6 Captain Requirement: 150
Squad 7 Captain Requirement: 150
Squad 8 Captain Requirement: 150
Squad 9 Captain Requirement: 150
Squad 10 Captain Requirement: 150
Squad 11 Captain Requirement: 150
Squad 12 Captain Requirement: 150
Squad 13 Captain Requirement: 150


Squad 1 Lieutenant Requirement: 100
Squad 2 Lieutenant Requirement: 100
Squad 3 Lieutenant Requirement: 100
Squad 4 Lieutenant Requirement: 100
Squad 5 Lieutenant Requirement: 100
Squad 6 Lieutenant Requirement: 100
Squad 7 Lieutenant Requirement: 100
Squad 8 Lieutenant Requirement: 100
Squad 9 Lieutenant Requirement: 100
Squad 10 Lieutenant Requirement: 100
Squad 11 Lieutenant Requirement: 100
Squad 12 Lieutenant Requirement: 100
Squad 13 Lieutenant Requirement: 100

Captains Can Only Have A Lieutenant that meets level requirement.

Espada Leader Requirement: 150
Espada Co-Leader Requirement: 125
Espada #1 Requirement: 115
Espada #2 Requirement: 110
Espada #3 Requirement: 100
Espada #4 Requirement: 95
Espada #5 Requirement: 90
Espada #6 Requirement: 85
Espada #7 Requirement: 80
Espada #8 Requirement: 75
Espada #9 Requirement: 70
Espada #10 Requirement: 65

Vaizards Pictures, Images and Photos

Same as Espada Requirements

Bleach Pictures, Images and Photos

Bounto Pictures, Images and Photos

Yasutora Sado Pictures, Images and Photos

Orihime Inoue Pictures, Images and Photos

Major Updates
New Arrancar Ress, Masks and Atks
New Training Transmitters
Major Debugs