Heroes United

by Falacy
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To download this game for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://Falacy.HeroesUnited##version=1422

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Version 1422
Date added: Jul 4 2011
Last updated: Jan 25
2894 fans

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byond://BYOND.world.332220683 [Classic]
[(v1424) Players: 61 | UpTime: 84:52]
Hosted by Falacy

Logged in: 61 players [See list]
byond://BYOND.world.2071249393 [2K8 Edition
Host: DreamDaemon - Version: (4.0)12.78 - Players: 8/Unlimited - UpTime: 83:45
Hosted by Falacy

Logged in: 4 players [See list]
byond://BYOND.world.1272287746 [Server 2(v1488) Players: 7/55 | UpTime: 161:54Hosted by: Flysbad]

Logged in: 3 players [See list]
byond://BYOND.world.516395354 [PVP | (v1435) Players: 1 | UpTime: 161:55]
[Hosted By: Flysbad]

Logged in: 1 player [See list]
byond://BYOND.world.870739455 [PVP | (v1420) Players: 1 | UpTime: 0:00]
Hosted by Pilgan Saiyan

Logged in: 1 player [See list]
byond://BYOND.world.1989291489 [PVP | (v1428) Players: 1 | UpTime: 62:08]
[Hosted By: Shell Server]

No players.

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Balanced or Stat based Spars by Falacy
DB Magnet Poll by Falacy
Open Source by Falacy
DBZHU: Host Files by Falacy
Relog Spam by Falacy


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Rikuuz9: (Sunday, 5:56 pm)
To Falacy,

Recommendation for the game: Create PvP Free zones (Like the city, roshi's house, guru's island etc.) because back in the day having the entire world be PvP was fun as hell. Yea sure I was a noob once and I got my ass owned all the time by a single ki blast lmfao. But I got better and eventually I started making craters out of OTHER people :3 and honestly I think the probably lied with the city, noobs needed to do things in the city, and better players would just spam kill them so it was annoying. (Also make PvP free zones around all NPC's? for missions and stuff...)

Just an idea..
Greggreg31: (Apr 7, 1:39 pm)
Hello, The community of HU :
I was recently looking at old files and such and I found out that I had host files of HU back in around 2010.
Not sure the EXACT date, BUT I did look at the update log and it said it was Version 13.47, Last update was on 07-19-10.
I know some members of the community were asking for old host files, if anyone wants a copy please pager me and I'll see what I can do!

Hope someone can use them,
Shadowglory2000: (Mar 25, 12:23 pm)
why cant i play heroes united?!
Greggreg31: (Mar 24, 10:13 am)
TechnoBacon2014 wrote:
When the hell will you Add Super Saiyan God into the game?

I don't think that Falacy really CARES about Heros United anymore, I doubt hes going to add Super Saiyan God if hes not even going to update for anything else.
You'd probably have a better chance on a crappy "programmed" fan-server.
Doesn't look like there is any Fan-Server's anymore ( 24/7 at least )
Maybe if some of the community actually supported Falacy he could have enough money to feel happy and MAYBE IF FEELS REAL GOOD ( I doubt it ) He'll add it.
Your chances are about 1 out of 10 billion.( Might want to try to lottery since the odds are higher ) =P
[*EDIT* I looked it up and here is the chances of winning the PowerBall http://www.powerball.com/powerball/pb_prizes.asp around 1 in 175,223,510.00 ( To win the grand prize ) ]

Stay awesome,

TechnoBacon2014: (Mar 23, 11:09 pm)
When the hell will you Add Super Saiyan God into the game?