Main Street

by Foogimicester
Main Street
This is an economic game about running a successful business on Main Street. [More]

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Version Alpha 1.1
Date added: Jul 25 2016
Last updated: Jul 6 2017
Last played: Aug 6 2017
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Main Street is founded on three core principles: Community, Creativity, and Competition.

It is a competitive building and economics game in which players compete to have the most awesome and profitable store on Main Street. Starting out isn't always easy (neither is stocking shelves in busy stores) so shop owners can hire other players to assist them.

Either work together or compete to make history. Enjoy the freedom to design your shop as you please with a variety of building blocks, floor tiles, decorations, and products to sell to customers.

Stock is visible on the shelves and you can see it go down. Simply click the shelf to purchase more stock, or hire another player to do it for you if you can afford the wages!

What Players Have to Say...
"You basically make empty shelves, fill them with sick loot, and peons on adventures buy them." - Windows 7

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Woo: (Jul 19 2017, 8:53 pm)
Great game! A bit more difficult than I expected! I'm already wishing for more music, or at least a way to toggle the music on and off.