Judgement: Live Development

by KuroChi
Judgement: Live Development
An open world game where players create society and everything in it. [More]

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Version 0.31
Date added: Sep 2 2018
Last updated: Jul 1
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THIS GAME IS NOT FINISHED AND SAVES ARE NOT GUARENTEED (Though I will try to keep them as long as possible.)

There must always be balance.
As long as anyone can remember, as far back as time can possibly reach, a balance has always been kept.
How this balance has been percieved has always varied, Good vs Evil, Rich vs poor, Strong vs Weak, so many titles, all describing the same sides, the same cosmic balance.
If one side were to gain favor and tip the balance, than the other would surely crumble.
Thus the war was born, great and bloody battles commencing in order to tip the scales in favor of the victors, great warriors trained as children, learning the best possible techniques, crafting the best equipment.
All to to gain universal favor, for whoever can gain such a prize, shall know power beyond any that has been before~

is an online RPVP game with many elements inspired by byond's own NFF and DU. In a setting where players will choose to side with good or evil, they will be left with the responsibility of creating society and everything in it. From items, to homes, to social structure. Events will be held by admins occasionally as well. Roleplaying is not required but those who do so will be rewarded for it. Some events will be full RP. There will be no overall story for forced IC play. This is not truly a roleplaying game, but if you choose to train or do things through RP you may be rewarded for it.

-Dual crafting system. Items can be made at stations or some can be made easily with gold as if you were buying the parts instead of making things from scratch.
-Style system. Players can pick up to 3 styles to mix (out of 5, the 3rd is hard to get.) These give you new skill trees and really determine what kind of character you are.
-Limbo. An endless land you go to when you die as punishment. You are left to do nothing but train or walk for eternity.
-World Balance. This effects you in special ways. Be careful with it.
-Trait/Societal Class/Mutation system. This ensures that every character is unique.

-The game is coded to make sure that those who are more active with other players instead of AFKing have the upper hand!

KuroChi - Coder/Mapper/Everything


KuroChi: (Jul 1, 8:09 am)
Continuing on development starting 7/1/2020


Join to chat about it all.
KuroChi: (Sep 22 2018, 6:38 pm)
Thank you very much for taking your time to check things out and leave a few suggestions. Believe it or not, the code itself is made from scratch by me and only me. The only thing I didn't create was most of the icons themselves. I have made a few though. I did learn to code through various sources and libs though, so a lot of it may seem familiar as there is obvious influence from NFF/DU.
King zelda: (Sep 22 2018, 1:53 pm)
Overall First Impression.
This game has a lot of Potential. Its got a nice Source.
Feels like the old empire source, but has smooth walking and animations.
i highly recommend to give this one a try, i can see this being the next big game of 2019.