Dragonball GT: Dark Renegade

by LightningNinja91
Dragonball GT: Dark Renegade
Become the strongest fighter alive or live to become the renegade! [More]

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Date added: Dec 15 2015
Last updated: Sep 5 2020
Last played: Feb 11 2021
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Whether training yourself, completing your goals, or competing in events and in the arena, you'll find yourself immersed in a highly competitive PvP(Player vs Player) interaction with other players. Earn stats by collecting dragonballs, defeating your opponents, or even meditating, you'll have to fight for your survival to earn your spot at the top.

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*Original hub entry: Jul 05, 2010*



Exiled Entertainment welcomes you to experience a world unseen and unlike others on BYOND! With 24/7 hosting by a dedicated server, constant tournaments, very active admins to respond to your help-based needs in the quickest manner possible, and no ridiculous afk booter, you will surely find this world an exciting experience for both you and your friends. Dark Renegade is nearly bug-free, but there is no bug-free game on BYOND, so if you managed to find one, please report to an admin at once! In return for reporting the bug, you will be rewarded for your help making Dark Renegade a better game. Thank you for playing and we hope you enjoyed your stay with us!

To play this game, you will need the program called BYOND.
Download the program and install it to PLAY!



Dark Renegade have, of course, rules to ensure the safety of players and admins alike. It also provides fun place to play with peace of mind! If you have concerns or questions, please don't be hesitate and pop up on our forum. The DR's rules are...

1.Do not ask for edit, GM, etc.*

2.Do not spam kill the same player more than 3 times within the time-frame!**

3.Do not bring the dragonballs to places they don't belong to, nor into the safe zones!

4.Do not player or GM diss!***

5.Do not abuse any bug!****

6.Do not complain about "lag", since how the server is, please refrain from yelling this in OOC.*****

7.Do keep the caps to minimal!

8.Do not use ANY kind of programs to assist you into training your characters!

9.AFK training is allowed.

10.No invisible icons or matching color icons to the world are allowed.

11.No afk "macroing" or program usage for afk statting.

*Edit: We do not approve editing anybody, even admins aren't allowed! DR strives to be fair, both to players and admins alike.

**GM: Asking for an admin position will only hurt your chances to become one. If you want to be part of Dark Renegade Team, show off your experience and help others and in time we will promote you! If you're in some kind of hurry, go ahead and apply for an admin's position on the forums.

***Time-frame: After killing the same player 3 times, the time-frame of DR is 5 minutes.

****Diss: As the team of DR don't mind cussing, please keep it to minimal!

*****Bug: Please do not abuse any bugs you may have found. If you proceed to abuse them, please be prepared to face the consequences. The following may apply: mute, jail and ban. If you have found a bug, please inform an available GM right away - you might be rewarded for making DR a better world for all of us.

******Server: Since DR is very stable and according to the performance of our servers, you should experience no lag or very minimal lag! Nonetheless, if you still experience some lag, it may be your old computer and/or weak connection.












Those rules are for admins specifically only!

1. Admins aren't allowed to boot or ban anyone if they don't just like them.(If you don't like a player, let another admin take your place ATM.)

2. GM Kill are only for requests of fellow players who wanted to die.

3. Revive and Revive World are only for good reason, not for admins to use if they are dead and wanted to simple revive themselves.

4. Do not teleport to any other players and kill them right on spot!(This includes summon kill as well.)

5. Help any fellow players whom need help and don't ask anybody if they need help, let them ask!

6. Editing are only for corrupted files or errors! Admins aren't allowed to edit themselves!

7. Admins must be on at least once each another day! If you aren't able to be on for a specific reason, please inform me.

8. You MUST do your job 75% of time you're online! You're to enforce the rules accordingly!



Special thanks to these people:

Mikeh for the v2.5 Legends Reborn source.

Ruben for starting the Legends Reborn source.

Code for artistic skills he was able to provide for DR(Dark Renegade).

Riot for mapping skills he was able to provide for DR(Dark Renegade).

Darkness for ideas/support to help push DR(Dark Renegade) into better stage.

Azrael for pushing me even further from quitting byond.

Dtwon for providing me with epic ideas and concepts for DR(Dark Renegade).

SlickNick for providing the pixel arts.

I HIGHLY respect Mikeh and Ruben for the works they've put in the Legends Reborn source! I do NOT take credit for their own works!

Also, special thanks to these loyal bug testers and players who've been with me since ID(Immortal Damnation) and DR(Dark Renegade). This game won't be at it's stage without all of you guys!


Small information about Dark Renegade:

Dark Renegade is placed in a universe where it has become the birthing ground of testing one's strength. With a variety of races and techniques, you can become a tanky energy fighter, or a glass cannon with insane strength. With dedication, you can create multiple strong characters who will leave a mark of legend in the Dark Renegade history book. The play style is up to you. If you want to explore the many quests and dangers of the world and worlds beyond, you can. If you have a hunger for blood and want to go on a killing spree, well that can happen too. An ultimate transformation is available for everyone so you can upload your own transformation text and icons. We also have a create a technique skill where you can devise your own super move. Classes are also unlocked, guilds, arena, and a broad list of tournaments and events await everyone. We are always thinking of ways to move ourselves into our own original direction. Come and test your strength on Dark Renegade, make your name known and enjoy the plentiful things to do and discover. Also, don't feed the trolls.