Z Universe

by Lizard_Sphere_X
In this anime inspired sandbox game the players create everything (houses, items, technology, and more). This game has a lot of depth and things you can do. [More]
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Date added: May 14 2011
Last updated: May 19
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This game is an anime inspired action sandbox RPG where players have control over most aspects of the game and a lot of freedom. It operates almost like its own miniature universe.


Butterrobber202: (May 9, 11:38 am)
Hmmm... Am I banned... Because I keep getting connection failed
Who885: (May 7, 3:47 pm)
KeVeiiN wrote:
still waiting for dat 3d game...


Because its tens im pretty sure it won't be coming out anytime soon. hes a lone dev and again its tens. theirs never any confirmation that it will ever release.
KeVeiiN: (May 7, 3:35 pm)
still waiting for dat 3d game...

Lordjamex: (May 7, 12:22 pm)
Is there a steam group for this game? I feel like it should have a steam group. Maybe i could make an unofficial one if there isn't?
Kamehamehaaaaa: (May 6, 8:47 pm)
What kind of full stat and damage revamp would someone want xD Like the UI what at least give an actual idea. Combo toggle was cool, it was flashy, feature requests are cool and Tens said he wasn't even looking at them for a while. You dumb nig. Oozaru shouldnt cost money O.o Dash attack with huge strength let me ko and absorb a 2nd stage bio mid wipe who was 999% of me while he was afk. I didn't even gain a lot from absorbing him, I was a demon so meee. Crack is a terrible drug Who885, try bubble wrap or sumthin.