Dragon Universe

by Lizard_Sphere_X
Dragon Universe
In this anime inspired sandbox game the players create everything (houses, items, technology, and more). This game has a lot of depth and things you can do. [More]
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Date added: May 14 2011
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byond://BYOND.world.1461742659 [Start Today FRESH 24/7 PVP (Seigfried's New Hope Server ) Auto ranks on, Fresh Start, events , Two New planets,secret places,Dragon balls, LSSJ,long wipes{SSJ Era Has Begun -4/26/16}]

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byond://BYOND.world.2059236009 [Deaths Garden: 24/7 [PVP] shell server - *Clear Cache Before Joining* *Fresh Wipe 5/4* *Current Era: Alien* *Bp x1.5* *Ki x1.5* *Sp x2* *Events* *All Are Welcome*]

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byond://BYOND.world.1854888878 [Wicked Gaming 24/7 PVP AUTO RANKS DU Server No admin abuse enfroced rules. ( Wiped 4/26 )]
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byond://BYOND.world.732296925 [New Wipe (5/3/16) 24/7 Low Gains PvP server with new events :D]
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byond://BYOND.world.1885368400 [(v32) Amelia Dream's Strict Supernatural Medieval Roleplay Server. Fair set of rules. Great enviornment. Heavy Roleplay Judgement]
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byond://BYOND.world.756924709 [Official Adminless PvP - All SSj levels unlocked here now]

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This game is an anime inspired action sandbox RPG where players have control over most aspects of the game and a lot of freedom. It operates almost like its own miniature universe.


Solobb-: (Yesterday, 10:03 am)
Suggestion code.. make it so all editted fake races have thier bp mod leechable by everyone.
Solobb-: (Yesterday, 6:00 am)
My go betweens have slaughtered people of the new world order in droves, and I've killed named demons angels and federal agents. But, the new world order being rich if i saw some new world order money come my way i would probably change my tune.

..Psionic order for life.. the psionic order is a order of psychics and shit sometimes considered a branch of the Illuminati the branch with powers. The psionic order is way better at not being detected and shit. I'm an alpha beta people have taken to calling alpha max, i tend to do things at a distance where i am strongest from rather then close up where i am weakest as a long distance specialist. I hide in a zone i have created where the powers of others don't work and people who aren't my worshiper kill themselves everyday.But people have been practicing magic on DU and its players alot, and i am interested now.
Make DU Great Again: (Wednesday, 9:16 pm)
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I deleted this post many times due to spiritual attacks probably from Ghost. I'm posting it on the key I posted it on and I'm leaving it because I'm trusting in Jesus for my protection from evil NOT you Ghost. If you don't like it that's too bad. You people are always on alts like this always sneaking around probably trying to cast spells on other people like me. I'm warning everyone there seems to be spiritual evil on this game. Believe in Jesus and you are saved but stay away from these guys, these people are sick and might even be involved in the New World Order some of them have speech patterns that remind me of rich people. Video games are liberal programming to begin with so the best case scenario is quitting like I'm trying to do but it's not easy.
Chumble93: (Wednesday, 2:25 pm)
Man, I must of really pissed you off. Hold grudge for years.
EXGenesis: (Tuesday, 5:19 am)
Chumble93 wrote:
So, any chance on me having my ban lifted that keeps me from being an admin?

nope. i'm gonna ban you on sight for life.