Dragon Universe

by Lizard_Sphere_X
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Dragon Universe
In this anime inspired sandbox game the players create everything (houses, items, technology, and more). This game has a lot of depth and things you can do. [More]

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Description: This game is an action sandbox RPG where players have control over most aspects of the game. It operates more like a real universe instead of a preset path.

In addition to all the anime inspired stuff you can do in this game, you can also do many other things, such as:

  • It is a sandbox, you are not forced to do anything, you can create your own goals and the game gives you the tools to do so.

  • Your power never stops growing, and your character's stats are highly customizable.

  • All technology is made by players. There are 100s of items you can make, all are designed to be useful at all stages of the game and serve a unique purpose.

  • You can explore a "galaxy" of 12 planets, full of riches and special features unique to that planet, some features are useful for getting stronger.

  • You can conquer planets and control the resources and players of the planet, and make a drone army that enforces flexible laws that you create.

  • There is a bounty hunting network, which you can use to make and collect bounties on other players.

  • Automated PVP tournaments which have great rewards and occur regularly.

  • You can use science to become a highly customizable cyborg using different modules to create desired effects, or build an android body from scratch and mind transfer into it

  • Server settings are highly customizable by the host, which can change gameplay drastically from server to server. So there is a lot of variety between servers compared to other BYOND games.

  • Players can make their own custom skills which have an extreme amount of variety you can create.

  • There are at least 50 preset skills which all serve a unique purpose. Players can teach any skill they know to another player.

  • On most games, time equals power. On here we try to make time spent a small part of your power. Instead, game knowledge and skill goes much further than in other games like this, and are the primary influences in how powerful you become. It can take a long time to get powerful if you lack the in-game knowledge to speed up the process. It might take a new player an hour or two to just get a character of average power, a pro knows how to get a character of top-tier very high power within 20 minutes.



Arbsprm2525: (Yesterday, 7:32 pm)
This game is getting pretty crazy with the want for bp. Tens should put in more team features for people in leagues.. Heres some ideas
- Can't kill other league memeber
-he should include a battle mode(would keep members from killing each other in fights)
-training mode(would allow teams to do damge but not kill)
- alliaces (allow to make alliance with other leagues)
- zone control (( just a out of the box thought))
This would make the game alot more interesting then just having evryone trying to murder each other for a little bp gain.)

- league goals and rewards (like if a people revive each other a certain amount times then they get like 2x dig rate. And if they kill a certain amount people in league they are in war with(dead people not being counted) they would get like 1.2% bp gain increase) Anyways just thought ;d dont hate bitches
Shazno: (Yesterday, 2:11 pm)
Who885 wrote:
no one can be as elegant as skater.

Or suck more cock than Who885 lol
Who885: (Yesterday, 10:33 am)
no one can be as elegant as skater.
Shazno: (Jan 24, 8:38 pm)
Necrophades wrote:
You? Elegant? LOL ur 2 much xDD
Funny how you never seem to play any server other than your own...and even when you do you never seem to be too successful on it...

Honestly I'm gonna have to agree with this. "Elegance" and all. One does not simply claim it. It is gazed upon like Raizel.
Lordjamex: (Jan 24, 9:56 am)
Just wanting to point out that the page when you press the 'Get Packs' button isn't loading. Been wanting to get Ultra pack for a bout three days now but i'm unable to ;_;