Hogwarts: A History

by MZMDProductions
Hogwarts: A History

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Date added: Jun 17 2007
Last updated: Nov 26 2013
Last played: May 17 2014
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I'm interested in seeing whether or not there's any interest in seeing this game come back. I can't promise a ton of time for it myself; but I do have some other thoughts in mind. But that all depends on whether or not there is any interest on this side.

I'm not really expecting a huge feedback; not after, what 3-4 years? But I figured I'd see. Leave some feedback in the comment section.


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A True Wizard

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Vanchi: (Feb 6, 6:00 am)
Such a classic
XxSh33IPxX: (Jan 29, 9:10 am)
I still have the source code for this game, as I was a former developer. I can't host the game as I no longer have access to the game hub with the password. If Max is still interested in having this game live I can have a 24/7 host set up with no issues.
Sebaxd1235: (Jun 27 2016, 10:28 am)
It's half of the 2016 and I'm still hoping for this game to come back.
Komuroto: (Mar 5 2016, 10:37 pm)
2016 AND still wish i was playing this D: