Curtain Call

by Maltet
Curtain Call
A Journey to the West inspired role-playing game [More]
Version 2.3.39
Date added: Jun 10 2017
Last updated: Mar 29
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byond:// [Curtain Call Curtain Call - 2.4.14 - Fresh wipe 11/19
Fresh wipe 11/19

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Curtain Call is a non-profit Journey to the West inspired role-playing game.

Here, you'll play the role of a mystical character that you define. Along the way, you'll meet a colorful cast of other players in your adventures that will aid or hinder you along your story.

We're looking to add some neat little features a little further down the line. Behind the scenes, we have a small, friendly team of dedicated admins and an active programmer. We all hope to provide the community with some quality entertainment from our game.


Eternal_Memories: (Oct 12, 2:44 pm)
DBZT: (Jul 15 2017, 8:35 am)
So, some games got hit. Rip DU and FR. Hope this remains low-key af.
MatthewW7: (Jul 8 2017, 7:27 pm)
i was enjoying this game a lot, and suddenly majinbeerus decides to shut down the discord and the server without giving anyone so much as a word. sadboys
MikeForce3321: (Jul 1 2017, 2:31 am)
Very intresting game! good luck!