Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen

by Mitzzz
Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen
RP/PVP Fusion! Learn new Jutsu, Go on several Missions, Explore the vast world mapped at a massive size of 500 by 450, and much more! Unique features like Sage mode, random Mangekyou Sharingan, Element System, Original Training and a Skill Tree. [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version 2.5
Date added: Apr 11 2009
Last updated: Aug 21 2009
Last played: Aug 25 2009
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Lead Programmer : Mitzzz (Hirukay)
Sub Programmer : Empty, Apply is possible.

Lead Pixel Artist : Nemanja (Neccko)
Sub Pixel Artist : Empty, Apply is possible.

Lead GFX Artist : Mitzzz (Hirukay)
Sub GFX Artist : Empty, Apply is possible

Forum Maker : Mitzzz (Hirukay)
Forum Moderator : Mitzzz (Hirukay)

Game Moderators : Empty, Apply is possible
Empty, Apply is possible
Empty, Apply is possible


20-08-2009: After a long period of inactivity due the loss of my finger and the source, i finally managed to recover the source code, and i will start working on it again, making it even better than before!


No discriminatory remarks or slurs of any kind are allowed. Racist, Sexist, etc.

No Spamming and/or Flooding.

No porn links or otherwise inappropriate links.

No bug abuse. If you find a bug, report it.

Do not AFK Train, EZ, or unattentively train your character. You will be banned for a week and your character will be deleted.

Don't repeatedly use CAPS.

Don't avoid punishments (Ban, Jail, Mute, etc.).

Use common sense and listen to what a GM tells you. If you feel they are being unfair, use the complaints section of the forum.

Keep foul language to a minimum. Every so often is fine, but going overboard with it will result in a mute.

Keep sexually-related discussions to a minimum.

Giving away exam answers; whether it be in-game, on the forums, or any medium (MSN, email, etc.) is strictly forbidden. While I cannot control what you do over other mediums, I CAN ban you if I find out you are giving away answers. That ruins the entire purpose of having exams.

- Rules are subject to change.


The map has been put onto the Hub again.
Also, the Hub has gotten a visual restyle.