Shinobi Story Online

by Mugen234
Shinobi Story Online
Shinobi Story Online, regarded as one of the best Naruto Rp games on Byond is now back in action. Get ready to create your own Shinobi story as your destiny awaits. [More]

Currently Unavailable

Version Awakening: 1st Gen
Date added: Apr 23 2009
Last updated: Apr 3 2015
Last played: Sep 22
1679 fans

Waiting List

Only Windows users can play this game. If you have an emulator, you can join the waiting list to be informed when a new server is ready to play.

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Shinobi Story Online

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 Konohagakure Online


Dopenaruto: (Mar 30 2015, 8:25 am)
Yes deadly lol
Dopenaruto: (Mar 30 2015, 8:25 am)
Dude why is it down
Deadlypure: (Oct 5 2013, 11:18 am)
is era of shinobi a rip of this/?
Legend gordon: (Mar 30 2013, 1:17 am)
Some reason i can't join
Uchiha14: (Dec 25 2012, 12:27 am)
how come every time i try to join it says "Dream daemon killing connection"? someone help plss