Stargate Recode

by NIN-Bruce_Almighty
Old stargate game I used to work on [More]

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Version .001
Date added: Jul 20 2017
Last updated: Aug 28 2017
Last played: Apr 15 2018
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Found the old code files from when I worked on this game, and noticed that there was some demand for the game to be put back up.

I am in the middle of moving, so this may be the situation for a while.

The files I found are a complete mess... I may salvage some of them, however they got corrupted and require me to recode, thus the title.

Update 2017/8/6:
Putting up my starting version, Stargates work (base system from Killer22/lemonyouraid, currently only Earth and Chulak exist, two races Tau'ri and Jaffa, no chat, no administration stuff.

Update 2017/8/28:
Implemented a change to how DHDs work:
Rarely seen on camera it was possible to remove a symbol from the dialing sequence by pressing it after it was entered (Demons - S3-E8)