Naruto Supreme Chaos

by Naruto 5292
Naruto Supreme Chaos
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Version 5.10
Date added: Apr 7 2010
Last updated: Aug 20 2018
Last played: Jun 22 2019
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(The Players nor owners/staff are in any way related/joined or with with Viz Media, or any of their other groups, this game is based on the Naruto (Manga/Anime) which is created by Masashi Kishimoto. The game is non-profit fan game(100%).We (The players/Staff) DO NOT claim to own any reserved rights over Naruto)


tags: #anime, #fan, #fan-game, #non-profit.


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"Xneonswords review for this game is:
Gameplay 8/10
Presentation 9/10
Originality 8/10
Overall 9/10

this is a very original game has very few aspects that you would see in other Naruto games on byond. extremily friendly and helpful staff members. has stranded graphics that u see on byond but with
really good icons such ass weapons and cloths seem to be of much higher quality. over all this is my all time favorite game on byond."

..:::::::::::: Naruto Supreme Chaos::::::..

Akatsuki Leader:Check Ranks Tab in game
Akatsuki Co-Leader(Konhan):Open
Akatsuki Co-Leader(Nagato):open
Akatsuki Member(Kisame):open
Akatsuki Member(Itachi):open
Akatsuki Member(Zetsu):open
Akatsuki Member(Diedara):open
Akatsuki Member(Sasori):open
Akatsuki Member(Hidan):open
Akatsuki Member(Kakazu):open

Seven Ninja Swords of the Mist Village

SSM Leader(Zabuza Momimochi):Check Ranks Tab in game
SSM Co-Leader (Mangetsu Hozuki):open
SSM Member (Jinin Akebino):open
SSM Member (Ringo Ameyuri):open
SSM Member (kuriarare Kushimaru):open
SSM Member (Raiga Kurosuki):open
SSM Member (Fuguki Suikazan)

S.O. Leader:Check Ranks Tab in game
S.O. Co-Leader:
S.O. Member:
S.O. Member:
S.O. Member:
S.O. Member:
S.O. Member:

Hebi Leader:
Hebi Co-Leader:
Hebi Member:Open
Hebi Member:Open

The Legendary Kages

(Leaf)Hokage:Check Ranks Tab in game
(Sand)Kazekage:Check Ranks Tab in game
(Rain)Amekage:Check Ranks Tab in game
(Cloud)Raikage:Check Ranks Tab in game
(Mist)Mizukage:Check Ranks Tab in game
(Rock)Tushikage:Check Ranks Tab in game
(Sound)Otokage:Check Ranks Tab in game
(Waterfall) Enukage: Check Ranks Tab in game
(Star)Hoshikage:Check Ranks Tab in game
(Sun) Tayioyokage:Check Ranks Tab in game
(Dark)(Yamikage):Check Ranks Tab in game
(Moon)(Tsukikage):Check Ranks Tab in game

Owner of the game:Naruto 5292

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Silvercrow21: (Aug 25 2017, 8:27 am)
Games still down
AlphaBX963: (Aug 14 2017, 3:09 pm)
down again
Naruto 5292: (Aug 9 2017, 5:56 pm)
Found a way to auto boot server so if it crashes, just heck the hub to see if another sever goes up within a minute or two
AlphaBX369: (Aug 9 2017, 2:49 pm)
and its down again.
Naruto 5292: (Jul 11 2017, 9:51 am)
BlessOhSoPretty wrote:
If anybody can get in touch with Naruto5292 or the owner of this game can you please tell him that his game is up and we are waiting for him.

You still trying to buy the game? msg me if u are? either on BYOND or instagram