Fallout Online

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Fallout Online
Welcome To The Ultimate RPG Game Known As Fallout Online Made From Bethesda Softworks. [More]

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Welcome To The Best Fallout Game There Is On BYOND: Fallout Online There Is A Bunch Of Things To Do In Fallout Online Here Is A List Of Mant Possibility's For Your Wasteland Character:

Vault # (L.A. Vault,1,2,3,6,8,11,12,13,15,17,19,21,22,24,27,29,34,36,39,42 ,43,53,55,56,68,69,70,74,76,77,87,92,96,101,106,108,112,Unfin ished Vault,Vault 0,Secret Vault,Vault Prototype, Unknown Vault.): Become Overseer Of Your Very Own Vault,Or Make Your Way Up To Overseer Starting From Vault Dweller,Or Simply Escape From The Vault And Start Your Very Own Adventure.

Wastelander: Basically You Were Lucky Enough To Survive The Fall Of The Nukes Or You're The Descendant Of That Person.

Raider: The Most Bad-ass "Don't Take Shit From No One,Loot What Ever You Want,Kill anyone you want" Son Of A Bitch.


Caravan - A Person Who Usually Has Two Brahmins Carrying Your Stuff For You For Trading Purposes.

Slaver - Someone Who Makes Business Buying,Selling,Or Using Slaves For Caps Or Items.

Shop Owner - Someone Who Owns A Shop For Clothing,Weapons,Food,Medical Supplies,Or Miscellaneous Items For Profits Such As Caps Or Any Of The Items I Mentioned Above.

Enemey NPC'S:

Mole Rats
Super Mutants
Mole Rats
Rad Roaches

NPC Bosses:
Super Mutant Masters
Glowing One(Ghoul)
Death Claws

NPC Ultimate Bosses:
Mother Death Claw
Father Death Claw
Super Mutant Overlords

NPC Final Bosses
Super Mutant Behemoth
Death Claw Giants

Well That's About It For Now Any Tips Suggestions Or If You're Interested In Helping Contact Me At

[email protected](MSN)
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Orochimaru1000(BYOND Key)