Spires of Agartha

by Pixel Realms
A permadeath sandbox: players craft all items, build the cities, and explore the lore rich world. [More]
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byond://BYOND.world.1692037305 [Spires of Agartha: (The War For the Spires) | Year 1439 AC]

Logged in: 97 players [See list]
byond://BYOND.world.1692037305 [Spires of Agartha: (The War For the Spires) | Year 1439 AC]

Logged in: 2 players [See list]

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Spires of Agartha is a sandbox MORPG designed for writers. An ever-changing world that your character influences through roleplaying, set in a resource rich land that three opposing forces are colonizing. Gehenna, an Aztec-like society of warring tribes, Jianghu, stoic Imperialists that serve the Emperor, and Valmasia, a Western Medieval society.

  • Hunt wild game, start a farm, and fish the water for food. Harvest trees and ore for precious resources, or dare to explore treacherous dungeons for riches.
  • Blacksmithing, alchemy, and runes are non-combatant crafting trees that characters can specialize in. Almost all items in the game are made by characters in-game and sold by them in player-owned stores.
  • Build a home, customize the design and decor, or join a settlement for the extra protection. With a settlement, a guild can raid and siege others, and capture the high resource dungeons. Settlements can be upgraded with resources, increasing the capacity and power of guardsmen.
  • An engaging combat system with hundreds of spells to customize your character, and a challenging world to immerse you in. Spires of Agartha is designed to bring out the creativity in roleplayers by plunging them into a lore rich plot where every day is a new immergent gameplay experience.

  • Credits
    Doohl - Programming
    Yinadele - Programming
    El Sato - Art

    Kaiochao - Programming
    Nadrew - Programming
    Megablaze - Programming
    SuperAntx - Programming
    AmonR - Art
    Redisec - Art
    Sneep29 - Art
    AlexHW - Art
    Joey - Sound
    Urthrem - Map
    Lindah - Map
    Markineter - Map
    Ludi - Map
    MissPerson - Map


Dakota Jones: (Dec 9, 5:51 pm)
0/10 Roleplay enough said
Branks: (Nov 29, 2:15 pm)
I was hoping this was an actual action rpg, but it's just chat role play. Always the pretty ones... =/
Pixel Realms: (Nov 21, 9:36 pm)
Can you provide more details @Boss?
Bossbabyisepic: (Nov 21, 9:12 pm)
Absolute trash, will ban you for no reason just because your character isn't a furry raiden katana carrying mary sue with cat ears
Doohl: (Nov 13, 11:14 am)
Try updating your IE.