Digimon: The OutBreak

by PixiDust
Digimon: The OutBreak
The game has been stopped the owner quit. [More]

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Version 8
Date added: Oct 23 2008
Last updated: May 30 2009
Last played: Jul 15 2010
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The game has been stopped the owner quit. -Yepin-


  • added mining
  • got rid of tp system and replaced with digivices, which are obtainable at the shop
  • added upgrades, a faster way to train then fighting wild digimon buy them at the shop.
  • Fishing System Added, now you can sell them to jijimon for bits, which will be used later on
  • New meat farm added for healing hp
  • Special attacks added, and Wild Digimon attack back! Map also got a make over.
  • Dolls added to shop

  • Alright, the game is finally up now that i figured out how to host.

    Please, spread knowledge of this game around to make the game even more fun for you and everyone else.


    The Digimon: PvP staff is small, but we arent accepting anymore people to apply for positions. But here is some info on the staff you may see in-game:

    The creator of the game; is also the main host and coder. She is on almost everytime the game is being hosted and is very active. Have any questions or suggestion for or about the game? She is the person to go to.


    She is there to answer any simple questions about the game, and also knows a lot about Digimon, such as evolution lines. She is a good person to go to if you want to laugh. She is also very "Awesome".

    Carter/Yepin Big Time:
    Very good at html. Also one of the nicest member of the staff. If you are looking for a straight answer, go to him for support.

    Those are all three active staff members. Once again, I must say, do not apply for staff, we are doing just fine without you. :p

    Please keep in mind, the game is not 100% complete, the map will expand, along with playable and non-playable characters.


Dashawn13: (Aug 20 2009, 5:43 am)
The game looks fun
626alex262: (Apr 7 2009, 11:35 am)