Pokemon:The Ominous Temple

by Quinni_boy
Pokemon:The Ominous Temple
Its A new pokemon game Because none is too old to Play Pokemon ;D [More]

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Date added: Jul 18 2015
Last updated: Jul 27 2015
Last played: Aug 27 2015
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Hi guys this is my new pokemon game i will be adding more stuff later.Come and play the game i need a coder mapper and Iconner so if you want a place in the staff Contact me if you are a coder,mapper,iconner.


Rock Gymleader:5 Rock types lvl 50
Water Gymleader:5 Water types lvl 100
Electric Gymleader:5 Electric types lvl 150
Grass Gymleader:5 Grass types lvl 200
Poison Gymleader:5 Poison types lvl 250
Psychic Gymleadere:5 Psychic types lvl 300
Fire Gymleader:5 Fire Types lvl 350
Ground Gymleader:5 Ground Types lvl 400
All the Players can challenge the Gymleader with only 10levels above the gymleader requirement.For example you wanna challenge rock gym you gotta have pokemon Level 60 or lower.

Elite 4/Requirements:
Ice/Water E4: 6 Ice/Water types lvl 450
Fighting/Rock E4: 6 Rock/Fighting types lvl 500
Ghost/Poison E4: 6 Poison/Ghost types lvl 550
Dragon/Flying E4: 6 Dragon/Flying types lvl 600

Team Rocket Leader: 6 Any types lvl 500
Team Rocket Co-Leader: Up to Leader

Magma Leader: 6 Fire Types lvl 500
Magma Co-Leader:Up to Leader

Aqua Leader:6 Water Types lvl 500
Aqua Co-leader:Up to Leader

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Quinni_boy: (Aug 24 2022, 9:53 am)
i lost all the files because i became homeless got my life back on rails and gonna try to make another pokemon game
Jadin23: (Aug 17 2015, 9:54 am)
I would like to support all the people that made it possible killing the byond pokemon community and all my undying support of the people that happen.