New Age Online

by Raffile
Universe role playing game [More]
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Date added: Sep 10 2020
Last updated: Sep 11 2020
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byond:// [Official v2.628
Hosting: Zantom
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New Age Online is a Universe Role playing game that is designed to spawn multiple generations, thus the title New Age. Heavily inspired by the Dragon Ball universe.


Morbidgrace: (Dec 26 2021, 8:59 pm)
Avoid this game unless you like kissing admin ass to be allowed to play.

I'm have Ryugaus come in and wipe your shit later anyway.
You're ___s and dont deserve to host this.

Now run your mouth with some bull lies, when all that happened was you were rude and nazi-like toward my rm who bothered to try to rp a namek. on your game populated by the same 5 people each with 3 keys on and 4 admins all circle jerkin each other.

trying act like it's anything else, And ya'll can't even settle down enough to rp with a girl who come to rp with you, genius, simply genius.
Justbroli: (Dec 26 2021, 8:16 pm)