Universe 21

by S10Games
Universe 21
Will you become the most powerful being, in the Universe? Join us on Discord - https://discord.gg/xnRXs3j [More]
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Date added: Jan 26 2018
Last updated: Aug 2
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byond://BYOND.world.1065897865 [(US Server)Odysseus Galaxy
Settings: PVP On, EXP RATES 1x, DROP RATES 1x, 3 Planets, 9 Races(20 Paths)]

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Welcome to Universe 21, a 2d online role-playing open action adventure game, where you can make Powerful Characters that rival the gods, here is where you leave your mark, adventure beyond the stars, conquer or governate planets, and much more.

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- Persistent Universe
- Persisten open world planets
- Organization System
- Organization Outposts
- Zone Control System
- Settlement System(Not in yet)
- Action based Combat
- PvPvE Gameplay
- Character Customization
- Character Progression
- Seamless Character Loading
- Gear Progression
- Skills Progression
- Unique Races and Techniques
- Ranking System
- Organization Scout Missions