Naruto Shinobi Revison

by Shadowprobe
Naruto Shinobi Revison
Naruto Shinobi Revision returns to byond! We will be pdating from a daily to weekly basis and will have more and more updates until we caught up with the manga, beginning again as this is only the beginning of the great return! [More]

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Version v1.2
Date added: Jun 27 2009
Last updated: Nov 20 2013
Last played: Nov 20 2013
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:: Announcements ::

The game is in Open Alpha and has just started so if you find a bug please tell us. We will update exponentially no doubt

Version 1.0 Alpha hosting for public testing. It's not finished, but it is being updated daily.

We encourage everyone to create a forum account and get involved with all the posts and topics in there.

Special Thanks goes to the following: Silent, SN, QMarkReal, and anyone else who has given even a little from donations to free resources to request. This is me saying you are all welcome Naruto fans.

Updates to come very soon:

Faction System= Lose Faction Points when you V kill, Gain when you stop a traitor and goes up as time goes by
Reputation System
Sharingan Difference(Itachi's:Ameratsu, Tykuyomi, Sasuke: Blaze Release, Madara: Teleportation)(Eternal: No more blind Eye sight and Susanoo)
change lvl system
In Depth Missions
Visual Enhancement
House System
Summit of the Kages Verb
Revamped Nara Shadow Imination
Ino Mind Transfer Jutsu
Update Techniques
Update Sound
-nara shadow
Sword Skill
Age System for Inuzuka Dogs
Age System-Genuis/Hard Worker/Will