Dragonball: Universal Rebirth

by Skooby42O
Pwiped on the 6/19/2010 A Cool Dragon Ball Z. A slow leveling PVP game with Unique Training System and lots of Updates. " Try it..." [More]

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Date added: Mar 5 2010
Last updated: Oct 14 2010
Last played: Nov 18 2011
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1. Slow leveling PVP game with Unique Training system
2. New type of Bars
3. Cool updates .
4. Exclusive Tourney system.
5. Very helpful and effective GMs.


DBZ Universal Rebirth Staff
Owner/Mapper/Coder/Host : Skooby
Co-Owner/Coder : Yorack
Iconner/Hub : Jay
Head Admin/Forums/Hub : Portal
GFX Artist : Blood Fang
Council Assistant : Aren
Supreme Enforcer : Sidtan
Supreme Enforcer : Phayn

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Player Rules:
1- No AFK training allowed, only self training is without cheating programs
2- Mkin is allowed, only us to 2 keys tho.
4- No Gm disrececpt / player.
5- No Profanity in OOC / No Mute Avoid aswell.6- No spaming in All chat channels.
7- No posting Links unless a gm says you can in OOC.
8- If You find a bug dont abuse it please report to a gm.
9- This is a Pvp Game, i dont care who killed you.
10- No Safezone Kills / Spam Kills / Spawn Kills / Death Avoid by logging off.
11- Anything that seems like it may be against the rules proly is.


Admin Rules-
Do NOT use your powers for fun.
-Do not use profanity to much cause you wont get auto-muted.
-Do not boot/mute/ban people just because you dont like them.
-Do not boot/mute/ban people if your not in a good mood, go out of game.
-Do NOT restore people without proof.
-Do NOT make items or edit zenni for players.
-Do NOT ban unless you really need to.
-Do remember kids do play this game so keep it profanity free.
-Do try to be mature about problems when fixing it.
-Admins need to be online at least 5 times in a week.
These rules are on the game and hub there is no excuse for you not to follow them.


Beaubee: (Aug 8 2010, 8:39 am)
Lol Skooby Great Game Ill hot 24/7 for 2weeks if wanted
Kane Azura.Jr: (Apr 24 2010, 9:21 pm)
oh right for me it was 20/4/10 ty
Kane Azura.Jr: (Apr 24 2010, 2:20 pm)
Pretty Good butttt one thing WHENS NEW PLAYER WIPE